Killifish of West Africa
Compiled by Tim Addis

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Please note: I only post material on West African species so please no South American etc.

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Last Upload
3rd March 2022

Aphyosemion cryptum

Aphyosemion mandoroense

Just 2 of the new species now on the website.

Road from Mimbon
Photo courtesy of Peter Tirbak

What's New..

I have introduced a Fish & Egg List for sale & wants. This will be split into countries listing. Customs & import regulations should be researched before sending or ordering cross border.

NEW - Fish & Egg List

If you are collecting in West Africa or have information on codes not listed in the code
library please let me know so I can update
the records.

There are loads of photos out there of populations
of fish not included in this site.
If you can help out with any to help fill in the
gaps please get in touch.

Help preserve old data on collections &
photographs here. Don't let them sit on shelves or attic boxes to rot. We love to see this old stuff. So much material not given an airing.

Photo courtesy of Willem Doodewaard

A.fellmanni FCCO 2013 / 15. Wild Fish
Photo courtesy of Christian Cauvet

See JH 79 page for 2 photos by Ed Pürzl of left to
right Ed, Ruud Wildekamp, Dr.Jean Huber, Walter Wachters (seated) & Lothar Seegers.

A.sp aff louessense FCCO 2013-09 Mikamba . Photo courtesy of Christian Cauvet

Rainforest stream, Gabon. Collection point for A.tirbaki.
Photo courtesy of Peter Tirbak


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