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This group is set up for UK based Killifish keepers & breeders. It is an initiative from some long standing killie breeders & links in the fish import trade.

A number of us more seasoned killie breeders have felt that we need this group so I have set it up here. This is, in no way, an alternative to any UK killie group/association & we do not wish anyone to leave a group they already belong to in order to join us. Many of us have been breeding killies since the 1960's. I have been a member of the BKA for many years & served as editor for many years. I have every intention of keeping up with my membership.
Our group is free to join, just 'join group' in facebook. We do not handle money so we are easy to set up & manage with no management committee over us. Normal facebook rules apply. As you are aware, facebook do not allow live fish sales via the facebook group so we are going to tie a sales page in on this website.

Aims of this group - A growing number of long standing killie breeders have been asking for something new in the killie hobby. Hopefully we can be that change but a group is only ever successful if members join in the conversations & post topics.
As stated above, I will tie in more information & a fish & egg listing on the West African website. We want to encourage conservation of our fish & we believe trading/selling fish & eggs goes a long way towards this. In line with conservation the list will also include a chance to list odd males/females you have or want in order to pair your fish up. This group includes ALL killies from anywhere in the world, not just West Africa.

Now more than ever we need to do more in conservation as our fish are under growing pressure of deforestation, mining, plantations etc.
It is difficult to get fish into the UK from overseas now we have left the EC. One aim is to import fish from Africa. This is in place with imports already brought in from Guinee, Nigeria, Congo & Cameroon with other countries in the pipeline. Importing killies is risky & definitely not profitable. In fact every killie import loses money which is why we add these fish to more profitable items to make up. These fish & any resulting eggs from them will only be advertised on the groups list.
Yes - in order to be able to import fish the group has to work with the trade. TA Aquaculture is the import source & also where we can offer some special offer foods etc from time to time to help members.

Auctions are a big part of any group & currently we have a venue in Birmingham which is free for a donation. This is achieved from door money, raffles, sales commissions. This means our group walks away with no money & no need to set up an association for tax purposes.
As we have a shop also, I am looking at some discounts for members on selected items now & then to help out. Maybe the shop or the club a few doors down can act as host for informal group meetings for lectures/sales of members fish/eggs etc.
I will act as moderator to begin with (but others will be invited to share this) & approve posts in line with killie breeding in the UK. I'm not in the habit of banning members for differences