Book References

This website draws for the most part on the works of the following authors. Their is no substitute for having a good reference book on your bookshelf & I fully recommend any interested killie keeper in buying those works listed below for future reference. Due to the low print runs of this type of book, some, unfortunately are out of print.

Amiet J.L. 1987

Fauna of Cameroon

The book is split 50% French, 50% English. Many colour photograph's included.

Eberl. W, Dadaniak. N,Lütje. Reinhard 1980

Faszination Killifische: Die Aphyosemion cameronense Gruppe.

A very high qualty publication on top quality paper which highlights the vast amount of colour photograph's. This is the Bible of this group of Killies. Written in German totally but their is a manuscript available in English which faithfully follows each page with gaps for each photo/illustration.

An English manuscript is available online.

Langton, Roger.

Wild Collections of Killifish 1950 - 1995

A booklet publication listing collection trips worldwide. A great reference work as it saves looking through past newsletters for collection codes.

Scheel J.J 1968

Rivulins of the Old World (TFH Publications)

The classic Killie book. Although published in 1968 this is still a benchmark book. Can be a little technical but well worth a bit of extra study work. Each time you read this work you learn something new.

Scheel J.J. 1990

Atlas of Killifishes of the Old World (TFH Publications)

As above. Scheel's work progressed. The publisher's (TFH) were reluctant to publish the work for many years. Many people (myself included) continually asked TFH to print it. Unfortunately Scheel died before the work was published.

Wildekamp R.H. 1983

World of Killies ( Volumes I, II, III & IV ).

A series of books reportedly reaching 5 in total. To date (2005) 4 books have been published. They contain a wealth of information both technical and with breeders information. Ruud Wildekamp has included a good deal of his excellent line drawings which will be recognised by anyone who has seen any worldwide Killie Association's newsletters. Ruud is a great artist......he can even play darts.
These books are required reading for any killie hobbyist & contain a great deal of information. Go out & buy them.

Pohlmann, Rudolf

Killifisch Fibel (Killifish Primer) - Printed in German.


Boulenger G.A. 1915

Catalogue of the Freshwater Fishes of Africa in the British Museum (Natural History). Volumes 1 - 4.

Not available to buy off the shelf anymore but you can borrow it through the British Library lending division. Contains many line drawings & descriptions from the early beginnings of killifish collections to 1915. If you borrow these throw in his work on the fishes from India (one volume) which is also excellent.

Sterba, Günther. 1983 - Reprinted 1986

The Aquarists Encyclopedia.

Regarded as the 'bible' of fishkeeping in its day.


Sterba, Günther. 1962.

Freshwater Fishes of the World.

Most likely out of print now but regarded as a top work in it's day.

Tony Terceira

Killifish. Their Care & Breeding.

Sadly not available anymore. Written in 1974. I commented to Tony that this was the ideal book for making mops as it was just the right width. Joking aside, this was a nice little book in it's day containing lots of practical information for beginners with many photograph's. Still useful today. The fading round the edges of this image highlight it's use in my collection.
Tony has contributed many photographs to this site to which I am greatly endebted.

Ruud Wildekamp


Unfortunately written in Dutch so the language translator will be useful. This was the 'Bible' of line drawings when it came out in 1981. Loads of line drawings with black/white & colour photos.