Callopanchax toddi (Clausen 1966)

Male imported into the BKA in the '70's. BKA photo.

Meaning of Name


First Description

Aphyosemion occidentale toddi Clausen, H. S. 1966

Definition of a new cyprinodont genus and description of a 'new'but well-known West African cyprinodont, with a clarification of the terms 'sjöstedti', Aphyosemion sjöstedti (Lönnberg), and Aphyosemion coeruleum (Boulenger).

Revue de Zoologie et de Botanique Africaines v. 74 (pts 3-4): 331-341.


8 cm


D=20, A=18, D/A=0, ll=32·5


n=23, A=44



  • Aphyosemion occidentale toddi Clausen 1966
  • Aphyosemion sjoestedti toddi Clausen 1966
  • Aphyosemion toddi Clausen 1966
  • Roloffia occidentalis toddi (Clausen 1966)
  • Roloffia toddi (Clausen 1966)
  • Barmoi (Sierra Leone)
  • Mabeimah (Probably a corruption of Masheineh)
  • Masheineh (Sierra Leone)
  • Mola
  • Takori (GM 97/24 & GM 97/26)
  • GR 208 (Guinee)
  • Mangata Badjana - cf toddi (GM97/3)
  • SLCD 84 / 16 - Barmoï

This fish known to be circulating in the UK in 2002/3 as 'sp.Guinea'. Possibly a form of Call.toddi.
Photo courtesy of Roger Gladwell


C.toddi being distributed in the USA in 2003 as SL 93/15 Mabeimah which may be a corruption of Masheineh.
Photo courtesy of Tony Terceira.

Callopanchax toddi SLCD 84/16 Barmoï (normal colouration)
Photo courtesy of Christian Cauvet.

Callopanchax toddi SLCD 84/16 Barmoï (dark colouration)
Photo courtesy of Christian Cauvet.

  • Barmoi (Type locality) - Collected by Clausen in 1966.
    Collected by Busch in 1993.
  • Barmoï - Collected north of Barmoi (southeast Kambia) in 1984 by Cauvet & Detienne. Designated code SLCD 84 / 16. This was not the same location where Clausen collected the types from. It was not near the same named village. Probably the first wild collection of toddi after Clausen in 1966.
  • Masheineh - Collected by Busch & Wiese in 1993 (SL code).
  • GR 208 - Collected by R.Romand in April 1993. This collection was returned to captivity but not reproduced. A later (November same year) expedition with Chrstian Cauvet returned to the collection site but found the habitat completely dried out. One small mall was found in an adjacent river. This collection code was GRCH 93/212.
    This biotope was later visited in 2006 by Cauvet but the swamp was dry with the river too high to collect fish from.

GR 208. Photo courtesy Christian Cauvet.

Type Locality

A forest pool near a spring close to Barmoi, western Sierra Leone.


Some authors paint a larger distribution area for this this species than is probably the case. This species probably has a restrictive range.


In the type locality toddi is sympatric with Script.geryi.

Distinguishing Characteristics The white or pale blue outer margins in all fins are interesting in the photos supplied by Christian Cauvet. The lower caudal can also show yellow in older collections.
It's easy to spot this species. The caudal fin shows a wide red submarginal band. This can be seen in some photos of C.occidentalis
Colour/Pattern Variability Given the limited range this species does exhibit a fairly diverse pattern & colouration especially the pale blue/white in fin outer margins..

Clausen described this sp (originally a subsp. of occidentale) from 2 specimens (one male & one female) collected by Roloff in a forest pool near a spring close to Barmoi, western Sierra Leone.
Clausen seperated toddi from occidentale by reproductive & general geographic isolation & differences in colour patterns.

Breeding Notes

It's interesting that in many cases wild fish collected have not been bred & distributed.

Diameter of Egg 1·5 mm

This species is rarely seen.