Callopanchax huwaldi (Berkenkamp & Etzel 1980)

Cal.huwaldi Blue form & notably more aggressive.
Photo courtesy of Roger Gladwell

Meaning of Name

First Description

Roloffia huwaldi Berkenkamp, H. O. and V. Etzel 1980

Description provisoire de Roloffia huwaldi spec. nov.

Killi-contact: Périodique bimestriel / Association Killiphile Francophone de Belgique v. 8 (no. 5): 1-19.


6·6 cm SL (Scheel ROTOW2)







  • Largo
  • Ngabu

Largo - Collected by Busch in 1989 (SL 89 code).

Ngabu - Possibly collected by Berkenkamp in 1980.

Type Locality

Moyamba District near Ngabu, about 20 kilometers from Moyamba, southern central Sierra Leone.





Distinguishing Characteristics  
Colour/Pattern Variability  

Thought by some to represent occidentalis or a relict form of this species.
In 1981 (AKFB) Berkenkamp & Etzel carried out crossings & electrophoresis of muscle tissue. They found huwaldi to be closer to occidentalis than toddi. They reported crossings between huwaldi & occidentalis to be sterile at F2 level. No further research was carried out cytologically to find out the reason.

Breeding Notes

Roger Gladwell kept this sp. for a time & found them very aggressive. He spawned them on silver sand & bottom mops. Incubation time was 3-4 months. Two colour forms were maintained being red & blue, the blue were found to be more aggressive.
Fry reared in the normal way with brine shrimp grew fast and resuted in large adults.

Diameter of Egg  

These are mean, nasty SOB's & should be kept on there own.