JH 79

Codes 1 - 35 were collected by A.C.Radda, Ed Pürzl & Dr.J.H.Huber in the centre & south of Gabon in a 2 week period.
Codes 36 - 59 were collected over a 4 week period to the north of Gabon. Radda was not part of this part of the trip.

Dr.J.H.Huber in an article entitled 'Rapport sur la deuxième expédition au Gabon (août 79) Etude des Cyprinodontidés récoltés' in Rev.fr.Aquariol., 7 (1980), 2, 10th October 1980 carried on with these codes starting at 201 - 232. Some of these fish were circulated & were known as JH codes.
Brosset also added codes 233 - 235.
Codes 'G', 'JH' & 'RPC' have been known to be mixed. This database has been compiled using many original reports & is considered accurate as shown.

JH 201 - Mouila, in the Dourouni River, 1 km east of Ngounié (small river). Ep.singa
JH 202 - 3 km north of N'dendé, a stagnant pond in course of drying. A.primigenium, Characoide, Barbus sp., Clarius sp.
JH 203 - 12 km east of Tchibanga, fast running brook at low altitude. A.primigenium, Procatopus cabindae (?), Ctenopoma sp.
JH 204 - 1 km east of Mayumba at an unloading dock in a small brook with little running water with stagnant zones. A.australe (in stagnant area), A.escherichi (in clear water area), E.singa.
JH 205 - 10 km east of Mayumba, running brook with algae on the bottom. E.singa, E.aff.multifasciatus.
JH 206 - 28 km from Mayumba in the direction of Tchibanga, brook on coarse sand and rock. Aplocheilichthys spilauchen, Alestes longipinnis, Neolebias ansorgii, eleotride and young of unknown cichlid in a 20 cm broad affluent. A.escherichi, A.australe & 2 examples of E.multifasciatus.
JH 207 - 30 km west of M'bigou (Inland Plateau), running brook, night collection with the help of young local people. Altitude 350 metres. A.joergenscheeli.
JH 208 - 4 km north of M'bigou, brook running with strong volume of water general phenomenon in this very rainy area. A.ocellatum, A.joergenscheeli, Mormyres, Characoide, Barbus sp, Pollimyrus kingsleyae.
JH 209 - To the south of M'bigou, 6 km towards Malinga, small river. A.ocellatum.
JH 210 - 10 km north of Baposso close to the source of the Ngounie River, running water, has clear water in the grasses. A.ocellatum, A.joergenscheeli.
JH 211 - Below Malinga, broad brook on coarse sand bottom. A.ocellatum young (rare).
JH 212 - On a forest track which connects Malinga with the village of Rébé approximately 30 km from Malinga, running brook. A.louessense
JH 213 - On the same track as above but only 15 km from Malinga in a brook. A.coeleste, Clarius sp., Barbus sp., Ctenopoma nanum.
JH 214 - Congo, along a forested road used by lorries, towards Mossendjo, 12 km to the south east of Malinga, brook with dirty water. A.ocellatum, Barbus sp.
JH 215 - Same road as above, 17 km to the south of Moungoundou, broad brook but slow with grassy edge. A.coeleste, A.thysi, Characoide.
JH 216 - Stopover of plane towards Libreville in a forest camp 50 km to the west of Mandji. Running forest brook. A.escherichi (in calm areas), E.singa.
JH 217 - Train towards N'djole within 5 km of the station towards the unloading dock, small brook running over clay bottom. E.sexfasciatus, Barbus camptacanthus.
JH 218 - 1 km further than above in a small brook running on rocks and gravels. A.striatum (many young), large males with prolonged filaments at the edge of the caudal fin.
JH 219 - Close to the open forest station of Andem, brook. A.striatum, E.singa.
JH 220 - 29 km from Libreville towards Kango Procatopus ngaensis, E.sexfasciatus, Nannaethiops unitaeniatus, Neolebias kerguennae.

JH 221 - Just before N'toum, running brook.

Procatopus ngaensis (numerous), A.escherichi, A.striatum.
JH 222 - On the road from Médouneu 10 km to the south of Assok, in a large brook. A.aff.obscurum (same locality as Radda's location 55, 1976), Characoide.
JH 223 - Down from Assok, flowing brook, with clear water. A.aff.herzogi (same location as Radda's location 55, 1976), Clarias sp.
JH 224 - Downstream from the old village of Sam, brook with vast stagnant zones. A.cameronense (blue phase, very abundant).
JH 225 - 25 km to the north of Sam, towards Oyem, marshes (5 cm of water over 60 cm of mulm). A.cameronense (blue phase).
JH 226 - 4 km to the north of Oyem, small flowing brook. A.cameronense (blue phase), rare.
JH 227 - Essong-Medzom (21 km from Oyem) area has strong density of backwaters. (5 cm of clear water over 60 cm of debris). A.bochtleri, Neolebias trewavasae.
JH 228 - Bibassé, 25 km to the south of Oyem, stagnant brook. A.cameronense (blue phase with very few red points and a red band).
JH 229 - Private forest road towards the CFG camp at Mikongo. Approximately 50 km to the west of the road to N'djolé towards the Crystal mountains, brook with small flow. A.herzogi.
JH 230 - 50 km north west of precedent, small river with current. A.cameronense, Ctenopoma sp.
JH 231 - Return towards Libreville on the Cocobeach road at Milembié 40 km to the north of N'toum, brook with sand bottom. A.striatum, E.sexfasciatus, Aplocheilichthys spilauchen.
JH 232 - Same road as above, 19 km to the north of N'toum, small brook with dirty water. A.escherichi (rare), Ctenopoma sp., Barbus sp.

See also code Brosset 79.