Brosset 79

Collected by A.Brosset, Gabon 1979.
These codes may be seen with the prefix JH. Numbers are carried on from the collection of J.H.Huber
in 1979 & appeared listed in the magazine 'Revue fr. Aquariol., 7 (1980) 10 October 1980.
I have left this prefix out in these locations.

233 - On the road from Okondja to Makokou 22 km to the north of Okondja in an area of streams. A.splendidum, A.lamberti, E.aff.sangmelinensis & 2 different Barbus sp.
234 - On the road from Franceville to Okondja 20 km to the south of Okondja. A.lamberti
235 - Poubara (bridge), to the south east of Franceville, brook in gallery forest. A.rectogoense, Ctenopoma sp., Barbus sp.