JH 78

Collected by J.H.Huber July - August 1978. Republic of Congo. 80 collection sites. These codes may also appear as RPC 101 - 180.
Referenced material from the paper 'An Over-all Review of the Trip to the Congo (1978), the Cyprinodontids
Collected there, & Micropanchax silvestris synonym of stictopleuron' by J.H.Huber.
See also JH 79

JH 101 - Linzolo, 35 km southwest of Brazzaville. Flowing stream with gravel base. Air temp. 21°C, water temp. 19·5, pH 6·7, DH 0·5. A.schioetzi (rare), Hemichromis sp.
JH 102 - Following a sand track 10 km further on to an overflow of artificial marshland. A.schioetzi (rare), Clarias sp, Hemichromis sp.
JH 103 - Gangalingolo on the Mindouli road, 18 km west of Brazzaville in a pond 5 metres in diameter. A.schioetzi, Ctenopoma ansorgii (?)(with red fasciation), Ctenopoma sp. (grey), cichlid.
JH 104 - Bouambe, on the Lefini River system in a small, clear stream 100 metres downstream from the ferry. At 1230 hours air temp. 28°C, water temp. 24·5°C, pH 5, DH 0·5. E.chevalieri (2 young), Barilius cf.christyi (young), Alestes sp.
JH 105 - Bouambe, 300 metres upstream from ferry in a sluggish brook with black water. E.boulengeri, A.schwoiseri (rare), Hemichromis fasciatus, Eleotrid.
JH 106 - 300 metres downstream from the ferry over the N'kenni River in marshland where 2 pools were formed with a lot of roots & cloudy water. At 1000 hours, air temp. 24·7°C, water temp. 22°C, pH 4, DH 0·5. A.cf.decorsei (1 pair), Aphyoplatys duboisi, Clarias sp., Ctenopoma ansorgii (?), Phractolarmus ansorgii.
JH 107 - Banks of the N'kenni River on the opposite bank of the ferry in grass & reeds. At 1400 hours air temp. 27·3°C, water temp. 25·5°C, pH 6, DH 0·5. E.chevalieri, Barylius cf.christyi (adults), Micralestes cf.interruptus (red caudal).
JH 108 - 30 km south of Clombo. Found in water holes in flooded rainforest which contained leaves approx. 6" in diameter. A.schioetzi (young), Hylopanchax stictopleuron, Ctenopoma sp.
JH 109 - Near Clombo, on the road west 3 km before Komo in a quite fast flowing stream containing clear water. This was regarded as the first dense forest location of the trip. At 0900 hours air temp. 21°C, water temp. 21·8°C, pH 5·9, DH 0·5. E.boulengeri, A.schioetzi (reportedly very numerous), Hylopanchax stictopleuron, Clarias sp., Phractolaemus ansorgii, Nannachromis dimidiatus.
JH 110 - Before the Alima ferry to the south of Oyo in a brook containing black water which was described as calm. Adamas formosus, Aphyoplatys duboisi, A.cf.decorsei (rare), Kribia nana.
JH 111 - Opposite Tchica Pika in a series of stagnant pools containing cloudy water. At 1300 hours air temp. 24°C, water temp. 24·2°C, pH 4·4, DH 0·5. Adamas formosus, A. cf.decorsei, A.splendidum (only 1 trio collected), E.boulengeri, Phractolaemus ansorgii, Ctenopoma ansorgii, Ctenopoma oxyrhincus, Kribia nana (young), Barbus cf.candens, Polypterus weeksii (?), Neolebias trewavasae.
JH 112 - On the opposite side of the river at Tchica Pika in the middle of reeds & floating vegetation. E.boulengeri (only 1 specimen collected), E.chevalieri, Barbus cf.candens, Microcharacid sp.
JH 113 - 10 km northwest of Oyo in a flooded forest brook. A. cf.decorsei (rare), E.boulengeri.
JH 114 - 54 km northwest of Oyo in the direction of Boundji & 12 km west of the crossroads. Similar biotope to 113. A. cf.decorsei (reportedly very variable), Barbus cf.boulengeri.

JH 115 - 55 km northeast of Okoyo in a flooded forest brook.

JH 116 - Okoyo, collected on the left bank of the Alima River near the ferry. A deep brook 30 - 60 cm with a large amount of leaves. The water was almost stagnant. E.boulengeri, Ctenopoma sp.
JH 117 - Okoyo, on the right bank of the Alima River in a small, sluggish stream with amber coloured water & a sand base. Vegetation included a few striped Nuphar & filamentous algae. At 0830 hours air temp. 20·7°C, water temp. 22°C, pH 4·6, DH 0·5. A.schioetzi, E.boulengeri (very rare), Ctenopoma sp.
JH 118 - 20 metres from the bridge over the Lekori River towards Ewo, 12 km north of Okoyo in a brook with clear water. A.schioetzi, Phractolaemus ansorgii.
JH 119 - 12 km north of Ewo in a flowing brook. At 0900 hours air temp. 21·4°C, water temp. 19·8°C, pH 5·5, DH 0·5. A.schioetzi (reported as 2 micro populations), E.boulengeri.
JH 120 - 52 km north of Ewo just before the Lessebe River in a slow flowing stream with a gravel base containg a few leaves. At 1030 hours air temp. 21·5°C, water temp. 21·3°C, pH 4·8, DH 0·5. A.schioetzi, E.boulengeri, Neolebias trilineatus, Pantodon bucholzi.
JH 121 - 24 km north of Ewo after the N'bessi River. A sluggish brook with dirty water. A.schioetzi, E.boulengeri, Neolebias trilineatus.
JH 122 - Near the Kouyou River at Ewo, in a stagnant pond. A.schioetzi (rare), E.boulengeri
JH 123 - 52 km south of Ewo in the direction of Boundji, 100 metres from the N'goko River in a small forest brook. At 1000 hours air temp. 21·6°C, water temp. 21·6°C, pH 5·3, DH 0·5. A.schioetzi, E.boulengeri, Kribia nana, Ctenopoma ansorgii
JH 124 - 30 km east of Boundji in roadside ditches & stagnant pools in a grassy area. Described as wooded savannah. At 1330 hours air temp. 25°C, water temp. 24·5°C, pH 6·4, DH 1. A.cf.christyi(collected in a shady area of the ditch protected by an overhang), Aphyoplatys duboisi (collected in sunlit areas)
JH 125 - 50 km north of Obouya near the bridge over the Vouma River in ponds 40 metres x 20 metres & 80 cm deep with brown stagnant water. Described as an area with rich fauna similar to code 111. At 1500 hours air temp. 23·9°C, water temp. 23°C, pH 4·5, DH 1. Adamas formosus, A. cf.decorsei, E.chevalieri, Aphyoplatys duboisi, Hemichromis fasciatus, Nannochromis dimidiatus, Clarias sp., Neolebias trilineatus, Kribia nana, Pantodon bucholzi
JH 126 - Owondo, on the opposite side (left bank) to the Kouyou River in stagnant ponds with dirty water with a leaf base but not regarded as marshy, 10 metres x 3 metres. E.chevalieri, Aphyoplatys duboisi, A.cf.decorsei (?)(young), Clarias sp., Kribia nana, Microlestes sp.(young), Phractolaemus ansorgii, cichlid (large).
JH 127 - 30 km south of Makoua in a small, fairly fast flowing forest stream 3 metres wide & 10 - 40 cm deep with clear water. E.boulengeri, Hylopanchax stictopleuron, Ctenopoma sp.(young), Kribia nana, Phractolaemus ansorgii.
JH 128 - After the Makoua ferry in ponds with amber coloured water in flooded forest. Found in floating vegetation. E.chevalieri, Hepsetus odoe, Pantodon bucholzi, Ctenopoma oxyrhynchus, Ctenopoma kingsleyae, Ctenopoma nigropannosum, Nannochromis dimidiatus, Clarias sp., Neolebias trilineatus, Microcharacid sp.
JH 129 - Northwest of Etoumbi towards Gabon (after the ferry) in muddy ponds with clay base & a few leaves. E.chevalieri (young), P.bucholzi, Kribia nana, Nannochromis dimidiatus, Barbus atromaculatus, Microcharacid sp.,Barylius christyi (?)
JH 130 - 20 km east of Etoumbi towards Makoua in a sluggish forest stream with clear water & a snd base. At 1330 hours air temp. 21·2°C, water temp. 20·3°C, pH 4·5, DH 0·5. A.chauchei, E.cf.phoeniceps (?), Neolebias trewavasae, Ctenopoma nigropannosum, Microcharacid sp.
JH 131 - 48 km east of Etoumbi in a large forest stream with quite fast flowing clear water with a sand & rock base E.cf.phoeniceps (same as code 130), E.boulengeri, Hylopanchax stictopleuron, Neolebias trewavasae
JH 132 - Along the above road 36 km before Makoua in a small, fairly fast flowing forest brook with a large quantity of leaves. Depth was 50 cm. E.cf.phoeniceps (same as code 130), A.chauchei
JH 133 - From Makoua by canoe to Ntokou (7 hours). Collected opposite the village in flooded grassland & floating plants. Stagnant water with a clay base. At 0900 hours air temp. 22·1°C, water temp. 19·7°C, pH 5·8, DH 0·5. Adamas formosus, E.chevalieri, Aphyoplatys duboisi, A.splendidum (females only), Kribia nana, P.bucholzi, Ctenopoma kingsleyae, Microcharacid sp.
JH 134 - Return to Makoua & left towards Ouesso on a footpath. 27 km north of Makoua in a small flowing stream. At 1100 hours air temp. 22·1°C, water temp. 19·7°C, pH 6, DH 0·5. A.elegans, A.chauchei
JH 135 - 200 metres north of the ferry over the Mambili River in a large flowing stream 6 metres wide which was stagnant in places. E.chevalieri, E.phoeniceps, P.bucholzi, Barbus holotaenia, Kribia nana, Phractolaemus ansorgii, Clarias sp.
JH 136 - 8 km north of the above ferry in a small, sluggish brook containing dirty water, 1 - 2 metres wide. At 1700 hours air temp. 21·8°C, water temp. 21·6°C, pH 5·8, DH 1. A.chauchei
JH 137 - On the Ouesso road 200 metres before the village of Ignoli & 13 km south of the village of Debrouille in a small, fairly fast flowing stream with a sandy base & a lot of grasses on the banks, 1·5 metres wide & 20 cm deep. At 0700 hours air temp. 21·9°C, water temp. 22·3°C, pH 5·3, DH 0·5. A.elegans (many large males collected), E.phoeniceps, Hylopanchax stictopleuron, Hemichromis fasciatus, Ctenopoma sp., Clarias sp.
JH 138 - 23 km from Debrouille in a forest stream with little current. A.elegans (large fish), E.phoeniceps
JH 139 - 2 km north of Liouesso in a small sluggish stream with clear water flowing over a deep layer of leaves. Water depth 15 cm but depth including leaves was 70 cm. E.phoeniceps, E.boulengeri, Hylopanchax stictopleuron, Ctenopoma sp.
JH 140 - Ouesso, facing the town on the opposite bank of the Sangha River in an area of flooded forest. The ditches were less than 1 metre wide & 10 - 18 cm deep being shaded from the sun. At 1000 hours air temp. 22·8°C, water temp. 21·7°C, pH 4·7, DH 0·5. A.sp.elegans (too young for identification), Phractolaemus ansorgii, Ctenopoma nigropannosum, C.fasciolatum (regarded as 'plentiful')
JH 141 - On the Sembe road, 36 km east of the intersection with the Makoua road in a small stream with many branches, flowing over sand, 50 cm wide & 40 cm deep. An Aphyosemion sp. was collected resembling A.wildekampi which had a wide red marginal band on the anal, dorsal & caudal fins, heavily spotted with red spots on the body.
JH 142 - 58 km west of the above intersection in a wide, sluggish river with an estimated depth of 20 - 40 cm. Aphyosemion sp. as code 141.
JH 143 - 100 km west of the above intersection in a small, fairly fast flowing stream with a depth of up to 15 cm on a base of coarse sand. A.wildekampi, few only collected & in calm areas between tree trunks lying in the stream.
JH 144 - Sembe, in a stagnant pond situated a few metres from the Sembe River. At 1700 hours air temp. 23·1°C, water temp. 22·8°C, pH 6·1, DH 0·5. E.sp.aff.multifasciatus (young fish 20 mm long), Micralestes sp., P.bucholzi, young Characoids.
JH 145 - On the N'gbala road (formerley Fort Souflet) to the north & 37 km from Sembe in a small stream which was drying out, little shade, with sandy base 10 - 20 cm deep. A.wildekampi (having 3-4 longitudinal lines), Mormyre.
JH 146 - N'gbala near the banks of the N'goko River in a forest brook which was drying up with muddy water. E.aff.sangmelinensis, Characoid sp., Eleotrid, Ctenopoma nigropannosum, Barbus sp.
JH 147 - Towards Sembe 22 km south of N'gbala in a sluggish stream with a sandy base, 3 metres wide & 20 cm deep. At end of ORSTOM mission. E.aff.sangmelinensis (2 large specimens), Mormyre.
JH 148 - On a track south of Sembe in the direction of Gabon in a small, sluggish stream before the village of Bellevue with amber coloured water, 30 - 60 cm deep. E.aff.sangmelinensis (very numerous), Ctenopoma nanum, Barbus camptacanthus, Clarias sp.
JH 149 - 35 km south of Sembe, before the village of Gouaneboum in a small, very sluggish stream with a base of leaves, 10 - 15 cm deep & 1·5 metres wide at its widest part. This stream was much fragmented. At 1400 hours air temp. 22·6°C, water temp. 22·6°C, pH 4·7, DH 0·5. A.splendidum (numerous), Diapteron seegersi (few), E.aff.sangmelinensis, Neolebias trewavasae, Barbus jae, Clarias sp., small cichlid.
JH 150 - From Sembe towards Souanke, 18 km east of Souanke in a small forest stream with a sandy bottom, 20 - 30 km deep & 1 metre wide. A.cameronense ( few ), E.aff.sangmelinensis, Barbus jae.
JH 151 - 3 km east of Souanke in a small stream in process of drying, 10 cm deep & 60 cm wide with many open areas & few fish. E.neumanni, A.splendidum, A.cameronense (1 female), E.aff.sangmelinensis, Parauchenoglanis guttatus, Ctenopoma nanum, Clarias sp., Nannochromis dimidiatus.
JH 152 - West from previous location on a track along the Cameroon frontier approx. 26 km east of Souanke in a small fairly fast flowing stream with a rocky base, less than 40 cm deep & 1-2 metres wide. E.aff.sangmelinensis, Ctenopoma nanum, A.cameronense (few).
JH 153 - 58 km east of Souanke on the same track shortly before the village of Bempoko at the beginning of a large marshy area. The area had many sluggish, very shaded brooks less than 1 metre wide with variable depths & muddy bases. At 1600 hours air temp. 25·8°C, water temp. 23·5°C, pH 6·3, DH 1. A.cameronense (quite plentiful), A.splendidum (few), Diapteron cf.cyanostictum (chocolate brown (few) 1 male & 3 females collected in one hours fishing, E.aff.sangmelinensis, Ctenopoma sp., Mormyre, Characoid, Barbus jae, Mastacembelus batesii.
JH 154 - Return to Souanke at Garabinzam on a track approx. 29 km south of the crossroads in a small, fairly fast flowing stream with clear water on a fine sand base. A.exiguum, A.splendidum, Parauchenoglanis guttatus, Characoid.
JH 155 - Return towards Ouesso, 45 km east of Sembe in a small stream running along the roadside for 300 metres which was almost dried up, 10 cm deep & 2 metres wide with stagnant water. Many A.wildekampi found in pools.
JH 156 - 92 km east of Sembe & a considerable drop in altitude with a change in fauna. Large, fairly fast flowing stream 30 cm deep & 3 metres wide over a base of gravel & large pebbles with numerous roots of Crinum natans. At 1400 hours air temp. 24°C, water temp. 20·9°C, pH 6·5, DH 0·5. A.sp.elegans, small characoid.
JH 157 - Ouesso, approx. 40 km from the Sangha River towards a forest camp before Mboko in a partially flooded area with clay base. Biotope similar to location 140. At 1600 hours air temp. 25·3°C, water temp. 23·2°C, pH 4·6, DH 0·5. A.splendidum (very numerous), Ctenopoma nigropannosum, small Barbus sp., Clarias sp.
JH 158 - Flight from Brazza - Mossendjo. Collected in a stream which was a tributary of the Itsibou River 7 km from Mossendjo on the station road. The biotope was in forest, 2-3 metres wide & 40-90 cm deep with a clayey bottom & cloudy water. A.thysi were collected at the waters edge under overhanging vegetation from steep grassy banks. At 1000 hours air temp. 19·3°C, water temp. 19·4°C, pH 6·5, DH 4·5. A.thysi (few), Barbus camptacanthus, Mormyre.
JH 159 - A railway halt en route to M'binda (Comilog). At M'binda, in a stream below a pumping station which had a lot of vegetation on the banks. At 1000 hours air temp. 20·3°C, water temp. 18·9°C, pH 6·5, DH 1. A.coeleste (many males), A.cyptum, Barbus sp.
JH 160 - Returned towards Mossendjo to the south, 5 km from Mayoko in a small forest stream with a clayey base. The biotope was 2 metres wide & 30 cm deep. At 0930 hours air temp. 17·8°C, water temp. 18°C, pH 6·3, DH 0·5. A.coeleste, Barbus camptacanthus, Ctenopoma sp.
JH 161 - 49 km south of Mayoko in a large, quite fast flowing stream, 3 metres wide & 20 cm deep with a large amount of vegetation. No water data recorded. A.coeleste, Barbus sp., Ctenopoma nanum, Mastacembelus sp.
JH 162 - On the road from Mossendjo to Komono around 25 km east of Mossendjo & 2 km before crossing the Louesse River in a quite fast flowing stream 3 metres wide & 20 cm deep with a large amount of vegetation. No water data recorded. A.coeleste, Barbus camptacanthus, A.thysi (same as location 158 & considered more plentiful than coeleste).
JH 163 - On the same road as 162 about 5 km before the bridge over the M'pokou River apprex. 72 km from Mossendjo. No water data recorded. A.schluppi (30 females to 1 male collected), Barbus camptacanthus.
JH 164 - From the above road & down a left fork towards Zanaga, 32 km north of Komono near the village of Makaga in a small forest stream regarded as typical Aphyosemion habitat. Fished at night. No water data recorded. A.pyrophore described as having 'fasciation to the rear part of the body, flared caudal, yellow phase', Clarias sp, Ctenopoma sp.
JH 165 - Returned towards Komono & fished a small brook 300 metres below the Catholic Mission in dense forest, 1 metre wide & 10-30 cm deep. At 1000 hours air temp. 20·2°C, water temp. 19·9°C, pH 5·4, DH 0·5. A.pyrophore (same as 164 & very numerous), Ctenopoma sp.
JH 166 - On the Sibiti road, 25 km south of Komono & 1 km north of the village of Lekoli in a forest stream with sluggish flow over a base of leaves, 2 metres wide & less than 40 cm deep A.louessense
JH 167 - Approx 18 km north of Sibiti & 1 km north of the Lelali River in a small forest stream draining into the Louesse River. The stream flowed slowly into a 'sunny, stagnant mouth' & had a growth of green algae (blanket weed ?). Aphyosemion & Epiplatys were collected in the centre. A.louessense (same as 166), E.sp.aff.multifasciatus
JH 168 - On the Mouyondzi road, 30 km east of Sibiti, then 8 km along a track heading north before the village of Mayeye in a large, sluggish forest stream with a sandy base & clear water which drained into the Bouanza River, 6 metres wide & 20-40 cm deep. At 1100 hours air temp. 20·8°C, water temp. 19·9°C, pH 6, DH 0·5. A.louessense (same as 166), E.sp.aff.multifasciatus, Ctenopoma sp.
JH 169 - Below the Mission at Mouyondzi in the Loati River, a small river in wooded savannah in process of drying up but bed not yet dried out, 60 cm wide & 15 cm deep. At 0800 hours air temp. 22·3°C, water temp. 20·8°C, pH 6, DH 0·5. A.ogoense (few), Ctenopoma sp.
JH 170 - Below the Mission at Kindamba in a small river with little or no flow & little shade, in process of drying up, 1·5 metres wide & less than 60 cm deep. At 1330 hours air temp. 19·8°C, water temp. 20·2°C, pH 6·5, DH 0·5. A.ottogartneri (few), Ctenopoma sp.
JH 171 - 10 km from Kindamba in the direction of Toukoumo in the Loukiri River, in process of drying up. Water flow was quite strong but quiet places were found & an Aphyosemion similar to 170 was abundant & found in the leaves at the base. Aphyosemion sp. close to 170 with few red spots on the front of the body with the rest of the body being sky blue, Hemichromis sp., Ctenopoma sp.
JH 172 - 8 km north of Vinza in wooded savannah in a small river (Djoueke) which drained into the Niari River, 2 metres wide & less than 30 cm deep. At 1630 hours air temp. 20·6°C, water temp. 19·9°C, pH 6·1, DH 1. A.sp.aff.ogoense same as 170 with 4 clear longitudinal lines along the body, Ctenopoma sp.
JH 173 - Heading southwards 15 km from Kindamba in the Djoulou River in process of drying up, which drains into the Djoue River, 2 metres wide & 20 cm deep, sluggish. A.sp.aff.ogoense same as 170, very numerous amongst the leaves, Ctenopoma sp., Clarias sp.
JH 174 - 27 km south of Kindamba in the middle of the Bangou forest. Collected in a stream described as a 'torrent over rock & coarse sand with many plants at edge', 40 cm wide & 10 cm deep. A.sp.aff.ogoense, no adults found, same as 170, very abundant in calm areas.
JH 175 - Mindouli, in the Vomo stream, a sluggish ditch which crosses the town, 80 cm wide & 10-60 cm deep. Full of tall grasses. At 0830 hours air temp. 20·1°C, water temp. 20·3°C, pH 5·8, DH 0·5. A.zygaima, Ctenopoma sp., Hemichromis sp.
JH 176 - At the crossroads of the Brazza, Mindouli & Boko roads in a sluggish brook with a base of putrid sand, 60 cm wide & 20 cm deep. A.schioetzi (yellow phase. Only young fish collected), Tilapia sp. (young).
JH 177 - On the Boko road south towards the village of Louingui in the Louingui River which had a sandy base & a small stream flowing into it, both had a small flow. A.schioetzi (yellow phase. Large adults collected).
JH 178 - Below the Catholic Mission at Voka in a sluggish stream with dirty water situated in the middle of cultivated land. At 1800 hours air temp. 18·3°C, water temp. 18·8°C, pH 5·5, DH 0·5. A.schioetzi (young only collected), Ctenopoma sp.(abundant).
JH 179 - The island of M'bamou in the Zaire River (Stanley Pool) in a marshy brook with dense grass in full sunlight. At 1600 hours air temp. 29·8°C, water temp. 27·9°C, pH 7·1, DH 1·5. A.cognatum (blue phase, few collected in sheltered areas), Aphyoplatys duboisi, Synodontis sp.(young).
JH 180 - A forest airstrip northwest of Ngoungi in a clear stream with some flow at higher altitude, in a tributary of the Loubomou River. A.microphtalmum (many large adults collected), Clarias sp.