Pronothobranchius chirioi Valdesalici 2013

Male collected by Karsten Mody & Minnatallah Boutros from Comoe National Park.
Tentatively considered to be
Photo courtesy of Karsten Mody.

Meaning of Name

Pro refers to the latin before. Nothobranchius is an east African genera. chirioi after Laurent Chirio

First Description

Valdesalici. Stefano

Pronothobranchius chirioi n.sp. a new annual killifish species from the Niger River drainage, with redescriptions of P.kiyawensis, P.gambiensis & P.seymouri (Cyprinodontiformes: Nothobranciidae).


Males 44 cm, females 34·8 cm.


D = 14-15, A = 15-17, ll = 30-31 + 3-4


Males n=5, females n=1






Karsten Mody Electro fishing for Pro.kiyawensis.
Photo courtesy of Karsten Mody.


Female collected by Karsten from Comoe National Park.
Photo courtesy of Karsten Mody.


Type Locality

Small stream on the Mekrou River drainage, Loagnoluo River, extreme north of the Atakora mountains, Burkina Faso.


Not currently widespread. Only a few collecting locations known in Niger & Burkina Faso.

Seasonal pools.
Distinguishing Characteristics A line of large spots in the anal fin near the body.
Colour/Pattern Variability Probably low. Few live fish photos currently exist.

Collected from the type locality on 3rd November 2006 by Laurent Chirio.
Karl Heinz Greve collected in July/August 1970 in the Koulbori area, Niger.

Breeding Notes

Breeding possibly as for Pro.kiyawensis.

Diameter of Egg

I presented Karsten's material in BKA Killinews No. 476 (May 2005). These 2 photos & the 1 at the head of this page were presented. I put below a paragraph from the piece..

'Comoe National Park - I found P.kiyawensis (now chirioi) regularly (but not in high densities) in some ephemeral ponds in the savannah as well as in the gallery forest. The majority of ephemeral ponds were, however, not colonised by this species. I have never found it in many ephemeral or any permanent running waters.'

Little is available online from this area but try....
This link provides a direct link to book airline tickets to Comoe.