Nimbapanchax melanopterygius Sonnenberg & Busch, 2009

Meaning of Name

After the Greek melanos meaning black (the margin on the anal fin) & pterygion meaning fin or wing.

First Description


Holotype - Male 42·9mm (SL).


Holotype - D=13, A=16, D/A=6, ll=28+3
Paratypes Male - D=12.1, A=15.3, D/A=6.1, ll=28.3+3.3
Paratypes Female - D=12.5, A=15.5, D/A=6.4, ll=28.5+3.4





A.aff.maeseni Behple (?)


  • GF06 / 1
  • GF06 / 2
Type Locality

GF 06 / 2. A small puddle on the bank of the Cavally River near a natural granitic bridge.


Currently limited to collection codes GF 06 / 1 & 2, Mount Nimba area.


Collected in a small puddle on a river bank. The Cavally River flows with a strong current between boulders with a depth up to 1metre. Water temperature in puddle was 24°C. At the 2nd locality they were found in a small, slow flowing creek with a maximum water depth of 60cm & a water temperature of 25°C. Water was stained slightly brown. The creek was covered by small trees with vegetation growing on river banks.

Distinguishing Characteristics Can be confused with Nimbapanchax leucopterygius. This species has outer margins of pale blue in unpaired & ventral fins. In N.melanopterygius these margins are deep blue.
Colour/Pattern Variability

The holotype was collected by E.Busch & B.Weise on 15th May 2006 at GF 06 / 2, Cavally River, southeastern Guinea.
Paratypes collected at GF 06 / 1, near Kementa, southeastern Guinea in the Konkere River on 15th May 2006.

A fish was in circulation called A.aff.maeseni Behple (Wildekamp 1993), collected in northeastern Liberia on the road between Tapeta & Juarzon (Etzel 2006). Also called A.sp. from near Behple (Etzel 2006), A.maeseni from Beple (Seegers 1997). These seem to differ from melanopterygius as having more bluish colouration on sides & fins, a black margin in anal fins.(Sonnenberg 2009)

Breeding Notes

Diameter of Egg