Micropanchax rudolfianus (Worthington 1932)

Meaning of Name

From Lake Rudolf.

First Description

Haplochilichthys rudolfianus Worthington E.H. 1932

Scientific results of the Cambridge expedition to the East African lakes, 1930 - 1931.2 Fishes other than Cichlidae.

Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society of London 38 (258): 131 - 132, figure 5.


30 mm total length.


D = 8-9, A = 14 - 15, ll = 28 - 29 (Worthington 1932).






loati. Consisting of - antinorii, bracheti, ehrichi, fulleborni, loati, pfaffi.

  • Haplochilichthys rudolfianus Worthington 1932
  • Aplocheilichthys rudolfianus Myers 1938
  • Micropanchax rudolfianus Huber Seegers & Wildekamp 1983


  • Loiyangalani, Lake Turkana
Type Locality

Given as 'west shore of Lake Rudolf'. This lake is now named Lake Turkana.


Endemic to Lake Turkana, northern Kenya - southwestern Ethiopia.


The lake is presently alkaline but has changed through it's evolution due to inflow of waters. Volcanic ash is known to have been deposited on the lake. High saline areas formed in lagoons with a rich coating of blue/green algae. Reed beds are reportedly around its edges in places.
Sympatric sp. Lacustricola jeanneli.

Distinguishing Characteristics  
Colour/Pattern Variability  

Discovered on a collecting expedition to (the then named) Lake Rudolf in 1930 - 31.
Probably only one collection after this for the hobby which didn't last long in captivity.

Breeding Notes

No reports available. The water from the lake is probably hard / alkaline. The addition of salt to the water would be beneficial.

Diameter of Egg  

The lake is known to contain Ostracods which may form part of their diet.
Cichlids are endemic as food fish in the lake.