Imported by BKA Species Import Committee in April 1979.

UK 1 Aplocheilichthys sp. caught in Liberia. The precise location was unknown. An attractive form of the genus exhibiting pale orange on fins with a very pale light blue outer margin. Known to have been distributed in the UK by Species Import Committee in May 1979.
UK 2 Roloffia sp. Caught in Liberia. Again, from an unknown location. Obviously (at the time) a member of the liberiense group, possibly R.roloffi. Very limited quantity were received.
UK 3 Roloffia form caught in Sierra Leonne, yet again in an unknown location. Very similar in appearance to UK 2. The males were basically blue/green heavily overlaid with red/brown spots on the flanks of the body forming chequer board patterns. Their is some variation in the colouration of the un-paired fins. In the majority, the dorsal fin is soft orange in colour with a dark margin. The caudal fin in some shows a yellow margin on both top & bottom margins. In some specimens this is limited to the bottom edge only & in others this margin is more constant.
Distributed by BKA Species Import Committee in June 1979.
UK 4 Pseudepiplatys annulatus. Believed to have been caught in the Freetown area of Sierra Leone. The anal fin showed red colouration in the rear part.