SLE 75

Collected by Vollrad Etzel & Willie Kessel in Sierra Leone, October/November 1975.
Little confusing as many collecting sites are very close & bundled into the same collecting number. For example, a stream & a flooded area or ricefield can be the same code.

SLE 1 - 500 metres after York towards Kent Collected 31st October 1975, 14.05 hrs. Fast flowing brook 500 metres after York in the direction of Kent. E.fasciolatus
SLE 2 - From York Collected 31.10.75 at 15.30 hrs. Two locations. First, a fairly fast flowing brook. E.fasciolatus, barbs & shrimps. The second location was only 20 metres upstream in a temporary 'water hole' where they collected Script.roloffi & E.fasciolatus. Known as sites "A & 2B.
SLE 3 - Just before Bawbaw Collected 31.10.75. E.fasciolatus, single cichlid sp.
SLE 4 No data recorded
SLE 5 - North of Port Loko Collected 1st November. Moderate flowing brook. Again, 2 sites. A ricefield fed by the brook 10 metres from the brook contained Script.chaytori & E.fasciolatus.
SLE 6 - From Port Loko towards Lungi Airport. Bundulai (also seen as Bundulay). Collected 1.11.75 in a ricefield 500 metres north of the road after Bundulay. Script. etzeli
SLE 7 - Kirma Collected 1.11.75. Moderate flowing brook 3-4 metres wide situated around 500 metres north of the main road E.fasciolatus, Lampeyes, Red Cichlid & 1 other cichlid sp.
The second area was an adjacent ricefield a little north of the site above. Script. etzeli (Type Locality), Ps.annulatus
SLE 8 - Robis I Collected 3.11.75 at 11.45 hrs. Slow flowing brook around 10 kms south of the Rokel River at Robis I. E.fasciolatus, Script.geryi, tadpoles.
SLE 9 - Masiaka Collected 3.11.75. Script.roloffi
SLE 10 - Magbenta Collected 3.11.75. Another 2 collecting sites. First a ricefield around 1 km east of the main road along a dirt road until coming on a brook. Left side of this road over a log bridge to a ricefield. E.fasciolatus, Script.roloffi.
Second location, water holes on the right of the dirt road. Script.roloffi, Call.occidentalis, tadpoles.
SLE 11 - Brama Town Collected 3rd & 5th November in 3 locations. Firstly a slow flowing brook at the right side of the road at Brama Town where no Killies were found & a second location, a ricefield around 400 metres from the road where E.fasciolatus, Script.roloffi were collected. A third area probably a water hole Call.occidentalis.
SLE 12 - Mamara E.fasciolatus
SLE 13 - Makere E.fasciolatus, Ps.annulatus, Script.roloffi.
SLE 14 - Malaisuku E.fasciolatus
SLE 15 - Newton (Ma-bafe) Collected 5.11.75. Script.roloffi.
SLE 16 - Ma-nalo Script.roloffi
SLE 17 - Ngabu Collected 20 kms west of Moyamba at Ngabu. Two locations -
A - Moderately fast flowing brook to a dam. This was on the left side of the road. On the right side a narrow trail which was flooded in some areas. Call.occidentalis (huwaldi Type Locality)
B - Second nearby location was a swampy area on both sides of this trail. Collected here 7.11.75 & 13-14.11.75. Script.chaytori, Ps.annulatus, E.fasciolatus, lampeyes, barbs,characin sp. & tadpoles.
SLE 18 - Bangbama Collected 7.11.75 at 13.15 - 13.30 hrs. A slow flowing tributary of the Kukuli, slightly dammed in front of a small bridge. E.fasciolatus, Script chaytori, lampeyes.
SLE 19 No data recorded
SLE 20 - Mafundi Collected 7.11.75. Ricefield 200 metres from the town of Mafundi on the right side of the road. Call.toddi (1 female), Script.geryi, E.fasciolatus, lampeyes, barbs.
SLE 21 - Jakombi Collected 7.11.75. Ricefield on the right side of the road. E.bifasciatus, Script.geryi, lampeyes, barbs.
SLE 22 No data recorded
SLE 23 No data recorded
SLE 24 No data recorded
SLE 25 - Bonkorkon Collected 8.11.75. A few kms south west of Rokupr, west of Port Loko. E.lokoensis, E.fasciolatus, E.barmoiensis, E.bifasciatus, Ps.annulatus, Script.roloffi, Script, etzeli, Poropanchax normanni.
SLE 26 - Laminaya (Also seen as Laminaja) Script. etzeli, E.fasciolatus.
SLE 27 - Rokupr E.fasciolatus
SLE 28 No data recorded
SLE 29 - Tintafol E.fasciolatus
SLE 30 - Hastings Slow to fast flowing stream. Collected in 2 areas. Dates are unclear but between 12 - 15.11.75. Just after Hastings, coming from Freetown. First location E.fasciolatus, cichlids, barbs & catfish. Second location Script.roloffi (then called spec.hastingsi).
SLE 31 - Macdonald Slow flowing brook on the boundaries of Macdonald. Collected 13.11.75. E.fasciolatus, barbs.
SLE 32 - During Town Slow flowing water course between Macdonald & Russel on the left side of the road at During Town. Collected 13.11.75. E.fasciolatus, Script.roloffi.
SLE 33 No data recorded
SLE 34 - 800 metres southwest of Kambia Ricefield on the main road between Lungi & Port Loko, 800m-1km southwest of Kambia. South side of road. Collected 15.11.75. Script.roloffi.

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