Radda 1974

November - December 1974, Nigeria

St / 20
27 km South west of Aba to Port Harcourt
St / 21
4 km North of Port Harcourt
St / 22
5 km North west of Oron
  Fp.gardneri gardneri  
  A.scheeli This collection was called A.scheeli akamkpaense which is now a synonym for scheeli.

Cameroon, December 1974

Fp.kribianus - Brook crossing the Kribi to Campo road, 7 kms south of Kribi near the ferry across the Lobé River.

Radda reported - "in water holes of a swampy spring area of a brook about 3 km upstream. The brook crosses the Kribi-Campo road about 7 km south of Kribi near the ferry across the Lobé River, East Cameroon. After an exhausting upstream march of one hour across fallen trees, I was lucky enough to catch one female and three males... I suddenly realized that I had lost my bearings. Again after climbing over cross-lying trees and penetrating very dense vegetation, being bitten by ants and stung by many mosquitoes and flies, I found my way back and arrived
completely wet... from my involuntary bath in a deep pool... On seeing my car again, I felt quite relieved."