RPC 80

Collected by J.F.Agnese in August 1980 in the Republic of Congo.

RPC 251 - Sumboukassessi village, 20 km from M'bilou on the Pointe Noire - Brazzaville track in a small pond 3 metres in diameter & ·2 - ·3 metres deep. The base had a thick layer of mud. Water was black in colour with water lillies & rushes. No shade over this pond.
At 1100 hours, air temp. 24·5°C, water temp. 22°C, pH 6·9, DH 3, nitrites ·2 mg per litre.
E.singa, Ctenopoma sp., Characoid.
RPC 252 - On the Bas-Kouilou - Madingo Kayes road approx. 3 km after a lake in a small very sluggish forest stream with almost no flow. Width 1 metre down to ·1 metre, depth 0·3 - 0·5 metres. Black water (or red , manioc), with a layer of black mud with no vegetation but dead leaves were found on the base.
At 1500 hours, air temp. 25·5°C, water temp. 21°C, pH 5, DH 9, carbonate 1 KH, nitrite 0·1 mg per litre.
A.australe, E.singa, Mastacembelus sp. The australe were found at the waters edge & were fewer in number than the singa which were found in the centre near the surface.
RPC 253 - 2 km from Taba village & 25 km north of Mindouli near the Mindouli - Kindamba road in a small sluggish stream 1 metre wide & 25 cm deep. The base was laterite, very shaded without vegetation. A.schioetzi (2 males collected, no females) found near the waters edge in calm areas, Ctenopoma sp.