RPC 79

Collected by J.Buytaert in July 1979 in the Republic of Congo.

RPC 201 - Sibiti A.louessense
RPC 202 - Zanaga A.schluppi, A.wachtersi, A.caudofasciatum, Hypsopanchax zebra, Barbus sp.(2), Ctenopoma nanum, Nannocharax fasciatum, Characoid.
RPC 203 - Forest track east of Zanaga. sp. collected as for 202.
RPC 204 - 10 km from Voula II on a track north of Zanaga (same location as RPC 30). A.wachtersi
RPC 205a - In the middle of Ogoué (same location as RPC 28). A.buytaerti. Not found in any other streams in the area.
RPC 205b - 10 km north of the Liane bridge. A.caudofasciatum, Hypsopanchax zebra, Mastacembelus sp.
RPC 206 - Bambama, opposite the security post. A.ogoense, Mormyre sp.
RPC 207 - 16 km south of Bambama in a spring below the road. A.ogoense similar to 206, Mormyre sp.