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NG MM 14

Import into the USA from the Niger Delta in 2014. Code relates to NG - Nigeria, MM - Macowiak & Mazzola 2014.
Collected by Mr. James Ororokuma



From the rich swamp lands of Bolouangiama Town in present day Bayelsa State, near Port Harcourt City in the extensive Niger-Delta swamp forests.


Ughelli in Delta State, from the Niger-Delta rivers and swamps, 450 kilometers from Lagos.

Foerschichthys flavipinnis

Procatopus cf.similis

From a small stream near a village called OLOFA, along Isiwo road, near the ancient Ijebu Ode town in
present day Ogun State of Nigeria, in the heartland of the Yoruba ethnic group.

From Patani, near Ughelli, in Delta State of Nigeria, part of the oil-rich but heavily polluted Niger-Delta swamps. E.bifasciatus