JVC 08

Jaap Vlaming & Companions 25th July 2008
Collections between Ndokayo & Garoua-Oya, Cameroon.
The DKG online list shows van Eck as the collector.
This collection does not seem to have collection numbers.

Ndokayo & Badzéré A.elberti (These fish preferred shaded areas). Males had a strong green base colour. About a dozen pairs were collected.
Mali stream, Mombal A.elberti. I km north of the village the Mali River flows from Garoua-Boulaï to a waterfall & then into the Lom River. The path to the Mali was down an old road which led to a river bridge. Cars can only navigate a little further in. The main Mali stream is too fast to hold elberti so another small stream a little further down the Mali. They colled 10 pairs of elberti.
Bali stream, Mombal About 1 km to the south of the village the Bali stream rises. A large tree had ben cut down recently across the dtream letting light in. A.elberti were again colected in shady areas of the stream. About 12 pairs of A.elberti were collected.
Ndokayo to Bertoua Towards Bertoua in a taxi they stopped at a road sign for Ndokayo on the left (east) side of the road. A path led to a stream used by locals to wash clothes & sometimes cars & motorbikes. Only a few fish were collected. This place was visited in previous years.
Source of the Oudou River Male A.elberti are yellowish green with vertical red bands rather than green as in Mombal. This may be a form of A.dargei.
East of Betare-Oya Stream with fast flow, contaminated & cluttered. No fish collected.
The stream Zeuéguéne near Bétaré Stream west of Betare-Oya. Collected bright blue A.elberti. Similar forms can be collected widely & as far as Belabo, 100 km to the southwest.
Bouli A creek on the south side of the village with little water & smelled like a sewer. No fish found. Another stream found on the other side of the village after a few kms walk. The stream was wide & fast flowing. Initially no fish were found but at the last try A.elberti were caught which had more red colouring in the body & more strongly coloured fins. These fish did not survive.
  The following points were not in the article referenced below -
km 20 A.loennbergi
km 32 - south of Kribi towards Akok A.loennbergi
32 km east Kribi Chromaphyosemion loennbergii
Lobe Chromaphyosemion melanogaster
Gouekamg 1 A.wildekampi, A.exiguum

References - BKA newsletter No.563, Nov/Dec 2014. Also contains small map.