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Collections between 1984 - 2002. Cameroon
This has been translated from German & may not read so good in places.

A.bivittatum - Funge Coming from the direction of Ekondo Titi the biotope is about 60 meters into the Bush where initially only a swamp is about 100 m behind the last houses of Funge on the right side. You reach the centre right of the swamp over a hill. This source area feeds the swamp. Sympatric sp. - Aphyosemion calliurum, Epiplatys sexfasciatus and Chromidotilapia sp.
A.bivittatum - Mundemba The collection site is located directly in front of the first houses of Mundemba. There is good fishing opportunities right behind the bridge which crosses the River about 6-8 m wide. This fish is not significantly different from the Funge type and is found in several waters between Funge and Mundemba; for example before Ibrahim runs left 300 metres below the road a stream, which also has the species listed by Funge.
A.poliaki - Ekona-Yard Stream crossing the road Mutengene - Muyuka, about 1 km before Ekona-yard. Links to the road of about 3m wide stream is divided into several water courses and offers good fishing opportunities; but not in the rainy season.
A.poliaki - Muea Ekona and also on the road to Mutengene - just 10 km to Ekona yard, Muyuka. Right to the road, before and after September, found in small streams that flow through the trees.
A.splendopleure - Moliwe Visited several times by Gresens between Mutengene - Limbe and best accessible left before the village of Moliwe, on the way to the camp of the local oil palm plantation, which can be seen from the street. John, a young man from House No. 6 of the camp, helped in finding the stream where are found Pelvicacromis taeniatus (Moliwe), Chromidotilapia finleyi, Aphyosemion calliurum, Epiplatys sexfasciatus, Procatopus similis, and A.splendopleure.
Note: The Moliwe-River flows parallel to the road.
A.splendopleure - Bamukong This small place is not listed on any map, is located in the area of mangroves / River (Bimbia Bay) and can be found only with the help of local people.
A.splendopleure - Kumba - A.volcanum Location code GPE 90 / 3 - Gresens & Pütz.
At the beginning of Kumba along old Kumba road left to the street in front of the bridge over the Kumba River (Kumba water). At this point, a cattle site (abattoir ?) was established a few years ago for ZeBu cattle. Since that time, the entire fish fauna in this stream has been lost. In addition, also plant poison was put into the stream. Revisted in 2000 but no killies found. In the same Creek, before the slaughterhouse, E.g. in Kumba Fiango and in almost all other small streams of the environment as this A.splendopleure, A.calliurum, etc. still abundant.
A.splendopleure - Likoko The site is located a few meters from the village of Likoko. On the road between Muyuka - Idenao just before the village of Lilale, a path between some houses turn right after Likoko. It is very advisable to ask permision of the village chief before collecting fish.
A.splendopleure - Owe The biotope is located along the Muyuka - Idanao road. The collection site is a few kilometres behind Muyuka. At the exit of the village right to the street a source rises in a coffee - planting of lava rocks. It is very easy here to fish.
A.splendopleure - Mbonge, CDC Camp To reach this place best Kumba, but also Idenao. By Kumba to go through Mbonge and reach the CDC camp just behind it. The narrow Creek flows past the camp. A.calliurum is also available.
A.splendopleure - Mangoule Mangoule lies on the Douala - Edéa road, briefly, about 1·5 km before the turn-off for Yabassi. The swampy habitat is not (?) on the left side of the road behind the last houses in the village.
A.riggenbachi - Nkwo This place is also on the road Douala - Yabassi, approximately in the middle between Ndokama and Yabassi. I collected the form with the white lace in the dorsal there. The Creek is approximately 10-12 metres wide and with many Crinum natans.

- Penda Mboko
Penda Mboko can be reached from Yoké. On the Mungo River ferry. You are in the State CDC oil palm plantation. The place is quickly reached by car. There in the plantation 6 camp's. Small streams in the vicinity of these camps. I could prove this fish in 5 biotopes of this plantation.
A.loennbergii - Mapan Mapan-Mbogo
A.splendopleure - Tiko Big Ikange Camp In the South of the town of Tiko, at Camp Big Ikange
A.sp.aff.splendopleure Bimbia camp, Bimbia on the coast West of Tiko.