GEML 2000
uinea Equatorial Malumbres Lora

Dr. F. Malumbres & F.G. Lora
Much of this page is translated from Spanish so it may read easily in places.

GEML 00 / 1

Monte Alen. Brook within the forest at 500 m approximately, crossing the road that comes from Bata to Monte Alen Park, with running water with small Brook, with very clear water, hard base and the fishing was easy.The Brook is called FANG.
Collected 29.11.2000. 53·9 N 01° 09' 25·8 & 10° 18' ". Altitude 764 metres. A.maculatum ?, Barbus sp.

GEML 00 / 2 Monte Alen. Brook into the jungle to 800 m. approximately, crossing the road that comes from Bata to Monte Alen Park, with running water with small Brook, with very clear water, hard base and the fishing was easy. The Brook is called BINOGO.
N 1º 39' 20.0'' E 10º 18' 53.1''. Altitude 713 metres. A.maculatum ?
GEML 00 / 3 Monte Alen. Forest Brook. Crossing the road that goes Bata - Monte Alen Park, Brook is called Oteon-Asoc. The place where we caught was in a small backwater where women washed clothes.
N 1º 39´ 12,7´´ E 10º 18´ 56,7´´. Altitude 699 metres. A.maculatum ?
GEML 00 / 4 No data collected
GEML 00 / 5 Yama. N 1º 06,947´ E 10º 35,293´. Collected 30.11.2000. Altitude 620 metres. Situated on the way from Acurenam to Evinayong, near the village of Yama.
Swampy area to the South side of the road, with small entrance at raphia's 20 m west of present, which runs from North to South. South-East of present the slopes of a high Hill 700 + m. North-East is beside a large pond in which several large fish - Cichlids were, but none captured. Raphia-swamp inside almost stagnant water that was almost completely covered by a red "slimy soil." Became the background out of a very fine white clay. Fishing, on all A.herzogi found among thick vegetation, and in the darkest places. A.mimbon seemed to prefer still places with a little sunlight.
GEML 00 / 6 Akork. Open present at village oeste-lado, socket of an open marshy area with much Nymphea and Araceae. Operation of the water to the North, but is part of a drain that runs to Gabon in the South.
N 1º 03, 018´ E 10º 42, 781´. Collected 1.12.2000. Altitude 640 metres. Open marshy area with water lilies. A.mimbon.
GEML 00 / 7 Soha. Past Soha on the right to a 1 km away to the sides road, the stream is called Mun. Afternoon is fished from Soha to Oveng. A.mimbon, A.herzogi and a male from
Episemion callipteron and the following morning E.callipteron was collected - caught a few females and several fry.
Nº 1º 03, 839´ E 10º 44, 146´ . Altitude 596 metres. A.mimbon, A.herzogi, Episemion callipteron (male collected first day. Next day females were collected). Past Soha 1km on both sides of the road runs the Mun stream.
GEML 00 / 8 Otong Alam. N 1º 04, 716´ E 010º 45, 660´. Altitude 624 metres. From Oveng to the north to a bridge at the border which was broken. A.mimbon, A.herzogi.
GEML 00 / 9 Oveng. N 1º 04, 406´ S 10º 46, 356´. Altitude 556 metres. Spring found along a trail from the village of Oveng. A.mimbon, A.herzogi (single male).
GEML 00 / 10 Acurenan (River Mia). N 1º 02, 027´ E 10º 40, 520´. Altitude 642 metres. From Acurenan to Oveng on right side of road. Single male Episemion callipteron & A.mimbon.
GEML 00 / 11 Wuba I. N 1º 44, 888´ E 9º 50, 155´. Collected 3.12.2000. Altitude 16 metres. 1km from Wuba I on the right of the road. Epiplatys sp, cichlid sp.
GEML 00 / 12 Bicomo. N 1º 48, 706´ E 9º 49, 793´. Collected 4.12.2000. Altitude 15 metres. On the road from Bata to Bicomo on the left before Ncomtom. A.ahli, Epiplatys sp.
GEML 00 / 13 Ayakue. N 1º 48, 202´ E 9º 51, 298´. Altitude 14 metres. Brook near electric (pylon?) near the village of Ayakue. A.ecucuense, barb sp, cichlid sp.
GEML 00 / 14 Ayakue. N 1º 47, 848´ E 9º 51,752´ . Altitude zero (sea level). 1km from Ayakue in the river Movo. Epiplatys sp.
GEML 00 / 15 Near Bicomo Power Plant. N 01º 47, 769´ E 9º 52, 544´ . Altitude 12 metres. Past Bicomo, 200 metres on the right before the electric (pylon?). A.ahli, Procatopus sp., A.ecucuense, Epiplatys sp. barb sp. characin sp., cichlid sp.
GEML 00 / 16 Negba Nguba II. N 1º 45, 651´ E 9º 49, 443´ . Altitude 42 metres. 15km from Eneg in the direction of Niefang. Aphyosemion sp., Epiplatys sp.