GBN 88

Collected by Friedrich Bitter & Roland Numrich, Gabon 1988.
See BKA Killi-News No.293 (Feb. 1990).
Original article in German - DKG 21-4/1989.

GBN 88 / 6

Small stream 20 kms past the Mbadi turning flowing through a medium height stand of bamboo. This stream passed beneath the track. Water was less than a metre deep. A stream length of 10 metres was blocked off & fished. Fish collected included:
Plataplochilus chalcopyrus, Epiplatys singa, E.huberi, Ctenopoma nanum, Chromidotilapia sp., Hemichromis sp., Hemichromis elongatus, Barbus sp '5 Spot',Barbus cf. holotaenia, Barbus cf. guirali & A.primigenium.
Apyosemion lived in close contact with the overgrown bank.
Bitter takes issue with differences between his collected material & that portrayed in the Aquarium Atlas Vol.2.
A.primigenium was found in the next 2 streams. Water temperature 27°C in places exposed to the sun.

GBN 88 / 7 A.primigenium - an intense red form of this sp. collected.
GBN 88 / 8 A.primigenium, E.huberi
GBN 88 / 10

Route 21, 100·5 km past the turning to Tohibanga. .A.aff.primigenium, Doumea typica, Nannacharax parvus maculata, Synodontis batesii. Same also for location 11. E.huberi is recorded as a form described as a 'variant' of this sp.
All males caught at this location showed a similar colour patterning. 'Only outer fin borders varied in colour & were blueish white or yellow'.

GBN 88/11 Route 21, 126 km past the turning to Tchibanga. Epiplatys huberi.
GBN 88/16 Return journey on the N6 after Tohibanga A.primigenium corresponding to that collected at Lebamba.
GBN 88 / 17 - Nzénzélé A.ocellatum, Episemion sp.
GBN 88 / 18, 19, 20, 21 A.joergenscheeli. Most of the larger specimens died in transit despite being in separate containers. Smaller fish were in better condition.
GBN 88 / 29 - 10 km northeast of Sam towards Oyém D.cyanostictum (?)


There is no mention of Diapteron being caught in the original article. I found a reference to D.cyanostictum from location 29.
In BKA Journal No.340. January 1994 Eric Bowden put an article in on D.georgiae GBN 88. No collection site was added to the code which was lost in Germany.