Collected by Allan & Barbara Brown & David Armitage, Gabon 1990.

GAB 90 / BBA 1 Haut-Ogooué Province, Gabon. A.lamberti
GAB 90 / BBA 10 A narrow stream 38·7kms south of Mitzic on the road to Lalara. A.cameronense, A.herzogi.
GAB 90 / BBA 15 19·3kms south of Oyém on the road to Mitzic. By the bridge over the river Woleu. Attempts to breed & distribute this collection met with failure. A.cameronense
GAB 90 / BBA 17  
GAB 90 / BBA 18 2·2kms west of the Lalara-Booué-Ovan crossroads. A.spec.aff.cameronense Phenotype 5. Brought back to the UK but did not survive. D.georgiae.
GAB 90 / BBA 19 On the Koumaméyong to Ovan road. This location is thought to be the type locality for A.maculatum which was collected.
GAB 90 / BBA 21  
GAB 90 / BBA 23 A.rectogoense
GAB 90 / BBA 25  
GAB 90 / BBA 27 A.rectogoense
GAB 90 / BBA 28 Collected by David Armitage, Allan & Barbara Brown 1990. Collected Sunday 12th August at 13.30 - 14.30 pm. Location was a stream passing under a culvert 31·7kms north of Franceville on the road to Okondja & 13·4kms south of the Leconi river (tributary of the Ogooué). Reportedly not the R15 road via Akieni but the road directly north from Franceville via Motobo, Okoloville & Mbounga. A patch of forest in an area of scrub & grass. Water temperature 23°C, pH 6·3, DH <1, water depth 30cm. Stream base was clay & sand. No aquatic plants. Shade from trees 7/8ths. Width of stream 3 metres & flow at this point 1 metre in 13 seconds to 6 metres wide at 1 metre in 60 seconds. Sympatric species Plataplocheilus terveri, Ctenopoma nanum, barbs & loaches. A.rectogoense