EMS 90

Collected by Wolfgang Eberl, Francisco Malumbres & Jorge San Juàn De Torres, August 1990, Cameroon.

EMS90 / 1 - Lepku'um 10 km south of Eséka in the village of Manguingués. A.raddai, A.loennbergii
EMS90 / 2 - Ngoyang village, Mbyada stream. Collected 16th August 1990 at about 11.30 am. Air temperature was 25°C. Clear, slightly brown water flowing slowly with a temperature of 22°C. Stream was 40-60 cm deep & 1-2 metres wide. A.sp.aff.cameronense Phenotype 9 (brought back to Europe & is also known as Ngoyang Mbyada), A.exiguum, barb sp.
EMS90 / 3 - Mebandé stream A.cameronense (None of this collection survived the trip back to Germany but the site was revisited in 1991 & live fish were returned to Germany).
EMS90 / 4 - 3km southeast of Nsessoum Probably the same location as Amiet fished. A.cameronense
EMS90 / 5 - Nsessoum village A.sp.aff.cameronense Amiet's Phenotype 2, A.sp.aff.herzogi
EMS90 / 6 - Bikong, 3km north of Ambam. Near Bikong. Collected 17th August 1990 at about 3pm. Stream was 50 cm wide & 20 cm deep. Also collected small fish of the A.herzogi group. Water temperature around 24°C. Water was slow flowing & clear with a muddy bottom. A.halleri. Distributed as Bikong.
EMS90 / 7 - Ambam, Catholic Mission. Situated 400 metres south of the Catholic Mission in Ambam. Collected 17th August 1990 at about 12 noon. Stream was about 1 metre wide & 20 cm deep. Distributed as Ambam. A.halleri was the only species collected.
EMS90 / 8 - Song Mayo, 14km north of Pouma. Collected in the Lababaga stream near the village of Son Mayo, south of Sakbayémé. Collected on 19th August at about 11 am. Water temperature 23°C, depth of water 20-50 cm & 60 cm wide (average). Stream flow 'relatively slow', clear & slightly brownish. A.amoenum, A.loennbergii, E.sexfasciatus, barb sp. & cichlids.
EMS90 / 9 - Log Bako'o Collected 19th August, Near the village of Log Bako'o, 5kms east of Pouma on the Axe Lourd. A.amoenum (a few males), A.raddai (2 half grown males), A.loennbergii, E.sexfasciatus & a small barb sp. Stream is part of the Kellé drainage.
EMS90 / 10 - Ndoupé on 'route ancienne' Collected 19th August. Small stream near the village of Ndoupé on the Route Ancienne. Stream is part of the Kellé drainage. A.amoenum, A.loennbergii & a barb sp.
Collected 100 metres south of the Route Ancienne. Stream 20 cm deep & 50 cm wide. At 1pm water temperature was 23°C, clear & slightly brownish. Stream had been dammed up for bathing. Killies found in large numbers.
EMS90 / 11 - PK 18 Edéa - Yaounde. A.edeanum, E.sexfasciatus
EMS90 / 12
EMS90 / 13 - Matomb Collected on 21st August 1990 at 12 noon. Near the outskirts of Matomb. From the Axe Lourd road a few kms on the Route Ancienne to the first buildings of Matomb. Villagers showed them a small stream containing A.obscurum. This stream was 10 cms deep & 40 cm wide. Water flow was slow & was clear & brownish. Water temperature was 23°C. A.obscurum
EMS90 / 14 - C89 / 28 Modé. A.raddai
EMS90 / 15 - Stream 5km south of Kribi. A.ahli
EMS90 / 16 - Benkok - Somakak Fp.amieti, A.ahli
EMS90 / 17 - Ndokama east of road. A.riggenbachi (3 female & 1 male), Fp.puerzli (1 male).
EMS90 / 18 - Ndokoma west of road. PK 15 to Yabassi. A.franzwerneri collected in good numbers inhabiting shallow water of 5 cms with a slow flow.
EMS90 / 19 - Ntumba 6km east of Edéa. 120kms from Kribi Procatopus spec. A.loennbergii

See BKA Newsletters No. 316 & 317 (Jan/Feb 1992) for sketch maps.