David Blair Collections

David Blair left for Africa on 24th June 1970. He sent his first shipment to the UK on the 28th. This was an important series of imports & introduced many sp. into the BKA in its early years.

28th June 1970 Fundulosoma thierryi, Pro.kiyawensis (then named BKA U1)(The BKA U1 arrived with anchor worm & other wild parasites & soon died off. Eggs were however obtained prior to their demise & were used to keep the sp. going).
10th July 1970 F.thierryi, Pro.kiyawensis, E.bifasciatus, E.chaperi.
9th September 1970 F.thierryi. Males received in good condition but females were poor. Twenty pairs were sent to BKA breeders but females were lost as were the reserve stock.
15th September 1970 David returned home with F.thierryi.