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Clausen, Stenholt

One of the earlier pioneers of fish collections. Various trips listed below.


A.bitaeniatum Umudike, near Umuahia, Niger-Cross
A.bitaeniatum Aiyetoro (Badagri)
A.bitaeniatum Near Meko, S.W.


A.bitaeniatum 6 km W. Warri, W. Nigéria Delta
A.bitaeniatum 6·5km S. Abeokuta
A.bitaeniatum Near Benin city


A.bitaeniatum Ishiwo, Ijebu Prov.

Sometimes seen as 'st' which stands for Stenholt. Another collection is named ST by Stauch from his Congo collections. Both are from 1962.

ST 21
4kms north of Port Harcourt
ST 22
  5kms north west of Oron
A.bitaeniatum 5 km North of Foriko, S. Ondo
ST 38
A.bitaeniatum Near Ijebu Odé, IJ, Nr.38
ST 40
A.bitaeniatum Benin city, lower Niger, BE, Nr.40
ST 41
A.bitaeniatum Lagos, lower Ogun, LA, Nr.41
ST 42
A.bitaeniatum Meko, upper Yewa, ME, Nr.42
ST 43
A.bitaeniatum Porto Novo, lower Oueme, PO, Nr.43