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COFE 2010

COngo - Fellmann, Eberl
Collection started on July 8th 2010

COFE 2010 / 1 Aphyosemion ocellatum, Babus sp., tadpoles.
5km south of Malinga on the Congo/Gabon border. Stream with weak current flowing over yellow sand & leaves/branches/roots.
COFE 2010 / 2 Aphyosemion ocellatum, Aphyosemion coeleste
Different river system to collection 1.
COFE 2010 / 3 Aphyosemion spec. idem 'GJH 212'
Issiengui, a small village between Moutsengani & Divéni
COFE 2010 / 4 Aphyosemion spec. idem 'GJH 212'
COFE 2010 / 5 Aphyosemion spec. idem 'GJH 212'
COFE 2010 / 6 Aphyosemion spec. idem 'GJH 212'
Bissihu, a small village.
COFE 2010 / 7 Aphyosemion spec. idem 'GJH 212'
The stream of Nzibu.
COFE 2010 / 8 Aphyosemion spec. idem 'GJH 212', Ctenopoma ansorgii.
Near the road crossing of Vangua in the direction of Bouali in the River/stream Kikidi
COFE 2010 / 9 Aphyosemion coeleste
Idjengi in the wide stream Bibondoho
COFE 2010 / 10 Aphyosemion coeleste
The stream Bihouaya
COFE 2010 / 11 Aphyosemion coeleste, Ctenopoma ansorgii.
Village of Mabala in the River Bengué
COFE 2010 / 12 Aphyosemion coeleste
Along the road Moungoundou Sud - Kissiélié. In the stream Ingoyani.
COFE 2010 / 13 Aphyosemion coeleste, Aphyosemion thysi
The village of Mingaya in the River Libama. Substrate consisted of a very deep layer of grey clay.
COFE 2010 / 14 Aphyosemion pyrophore
Different system to above. The stream Mayomo about 50cm across under dense overhead vegetation.
COFE 2010 / 15 Aphyosemion pyrophore
The village of Mbaya in the stream Mopoutoulou.
COFE 2010 / 16 Aphyosemion thysi (with yellow caudal peduncle)
1km north of Mbaya in the stream Moulitili.
COFE 2010 / 17 Aphyosemion schluppi, A.mikeae, A.coeleste, A.pyrophore
Near the village of Ngonaka in the stream Lordani.
COFE 2010 / 18 Aphyosemion spec.
37km east of the exit from the village of Mapati. Not far from the village of Ingolo I in the direction of Ingolo II. A bridge crosses the stream Iwayi. Water slightly brown with a strong current. Bamboo grows on the banks.
COFE 2010 / 19 Aphyosemion spec.
In the direction of Sibiti on the PK 30 east of the Mapati exit between the villages of Moukassi & Ib
é. In the stream Dournounou. Strong current. Fish were hidden under the roots of a tree.
COFE 2010 / 20 Aphyosemion spec.
In the stream Louloungouanga between the villages of Moukassi & Biki
COFE 2010 / 21 Aphyosemion louessense
Near the village of Loyo in the stream Mimanga.
COFE 2010 / 22 Aphyosemion louessense
COFE 2010 / 23 Aphyosemion spec. idem 'RPC 78/32'
16km east of the exit from Yama (a few kms south of Sibiti),in the direction of Madingou between the villages of Vouara & Ntala in the River Mipopo. Collected in a stretch of open water 30 metres long over a thick layer of clay.


COFE 2010, DKG Supplement Nr.12, December 2014. Wolfgang Eberl & Emmanuel Fellmann