Collected by Claude Bordat, Marsan & Brousseau, 1989, in the Republic of Congo.
See collection report in BKA Newsletter No. 295 (April 1990).
Original publication KCF Killi Revue 6, December 1989.

CMBB89 / 1 A.zygaima (mainly males collected, no young found. Described as being 'very blue'.). Sympatric sp. Barbus sp., Ctenopoma sp.On the road from Brazzaville to Pointe Noire towards Mindouli in the Moutessi Province (Vouvou River). The water current was reported as slight with fish rearing ponds along its length used in the cultivation of Tilapia for food. Water depth ·5m, width 1-3m, pH 7·9, conductivity 270ms, water temperature 23°C. Water was amber in colour.
CMBB89 / 2 A.microphtalmum. On the road from Loudima to Komono, 30 km from Sibiti from Kikonde. A clear biotope 60-80cm deep & 2m wide.
CMBB89 / 3 - Gandji A.louessense, E.sp.aff.multifasciatus. On the Loudima to Komono road, 2km further than Gandji on the Male River. This stream had a slight flow with clear water, depth 0·5m, width 2m, pH 6, conductivity 16ms, air temp 24°C, water temp 22°C.
CMBB89 / 4 On the road between Mossendjo to Makabana at Titi on the Mangingo River. Their was a lot of foliage & undergrowth here. Water depth 0·1-1m, width 1m. No reported fish collected.
CMBB89 / 5 A.ottogartneri. On the road from Brazzaville to Point Noire 200m from Makola in the Binkodia / Nkondia River. The river bed was pebbly with a water depth of 0·2m, width 0·8m.
CMBB89 / 6 - Kounga A.schioetzi, E.boulengeri. On the road from Brazzaville to Pointe Noire in the Lenga River drainage 200m beyond the village of Kounga. Collected in rivulets with very little flow 0·1-0·7m deep, 1-2m wide. Sympatric sp. Ctenopoma sp., Hemichromis sp., Clarias sp., cichlids.
CMBB89 / 7 A.schioetzi. Close to Brazzaville, 1km from Linzolo on the Ngamissan River in a forest stream with a depth 0·6m depth.
CMBB89 / 8 A.cognatum. On the return to Linzolo, 500m from collection point 7 on the Ninzabi River. Clear water with a gentle flow over a sandy base. Water depth 0·2m, width 1m.
CMBB89 / 9 A.cognatum, A.schioetzi. 20km from Brazzaville towards Pointe Noire at Kele-Kele on the Mouebo River. Described as a place which was hardly a rivulet with shallow pools 10-50cm deep, 0·5-2m wide, pH5·5, conductivity 8ms. Air temp 23°C, water temp 22°C.
CMBB89 / 10 Same location as point 6.
CMBB89 / 11 A.louessense. Same location as point 3.
CMBB89 / 12 A.thysi, Hypsopanchax zebra. Beyond Komono towards Mbila on the Ridoula River. A lot of submerged vegetation was found in this biotope due to previous heavy rainfall. The water flow was described as gentle though with a depth of 0·7m & a width of 2m. Air temp 23°C, water temp 22°C.
CMBB89 / 13 - Gualikoto A.pyrophore (blue & yellow), A.wachtersi mikeae. 15km from Kimono on the same road as the previous site on the Gualikoto River. This biotope was overgrown with a gentle current & amber in colour. Water depth 0·1-0·5m, pH 6·2, conductivity 38ms. Air temp 24°C, water temp 22°C. Sympatric sp. Barbus sp., Ctenopoma sp.
CMBB89 / 14 - Mbila A.pyrophore (yellow) , A.thysi. On the same road as last site, 2km beyond Mbila on the Madjamabing River. This site was free of overgrown vegetation but had a great deal of submerged vegetation. Biotope had a moderate flow with clear water, depth 0·1-1m, width 1m, pH 6·1, conductivity 24ms. Air temp 26°C, water temp 23°C.
CMBB89 / 15 A.schluppi, Hypsopanchax zebra. 60 km from Kimono towards Kingani, 4km from Loutoko. Described as 'a flowing river with a swampy overflow which was stagnant'. The water was amber in colour, pH 5·9, conductivity 16ms. Air temp 27°C, water temp 22°C. A.schluppi was collected in the swampy area only. Hypsopanchax zebra & Barbus sp. were collected in the main stream.
CMBB89 / 16 A.pyrophore (yellow) , A.schluppi, A.thysi. Between Mbila & Kingani on the Menanga River. This was clear & well vegetated. The water was clear with a slight flow. Water depth 0·5m, width 1-3m, pH 6, conductivity 16ms. Air temp27°C, water temp 22°C.
CMBB89 / 17 A.ogoense ogoense (yellow). Between Kingana & Missassa-Bateke, 5km from Letoutou. Described as a 'broad, free fl;owing river with a moderate current'. Clear water with a depth of 0·4m, width 3m, pH6·3, conductivity 12ms. Air temp 25°C, water temp 22°C.
CMBB89 / 18 On the road from Mossendjo to Makabana, 6 km beyond Mossendjo. This site was rice paddy & fish farming ponds. Collection area was level with a bridge. The water was stagnant, muddy & deep with vegetation. Water depth 0·4m, width 3m, pH6·5, conductivity 24ms. Air temp 26°C, water temp 22°C. No fish reportedly caught.
CMBB89 / 19 A.coeleste. On the same road as previous site in the middle of the village of Missanga on the Missala River. 'The river cascaded under the forest canopy'. Their was a strong flow with no aquatic vegetation, pH 6·2, conductivity 12ms. Air temp 26°C, water temp 22°C.
CMBB89 / 20 Same location as site 1 but fished 15 days later. At this time the river was polluted with manioc which was being soaked in the river. None of the A.zygaima collected previously survived.
CMBB89 / 21 A.schioetzi. On the Pointe Noire to Brazzaville road at the edge of the village of Missafou & then left for 3km to the Makangala River. This was a forest swamp with little sunlight. Clear water with little flow. Depth 0·3m, width 0·5m, pH 6·3, conductivity 30ms. Air temp 28°C, water temp 26°C.
CMBB89 / 22 A.schioetzi. On the road from Brazzaville towards Boko at the village of Kama-Mbangala. This is the source of the Mokedo River being a spring in a cave below the village. Described as 'an astonishing biotope for killies'. Clear water over a sandy base, water depth 0·2m, width 2m, pH8, conductivity 80ms. Air temp 26°C, water temp 25°C.
CMBB89 / 23 A.cognatum (described as 'variable'). On the road from Brazzaville to Owando on a track to the right in the direction of the Kintepe rest centre on the Ngaymo River. A well vegetated stagnant swamp with a depth of 0·5m, width 2m. Sympatric sp. Ctenopoma sp. & cichlids.
CMBB89 / 24 Congopanchax myersi (collected along the banks in small very shallow creeks with a depth of 1-2cm). 500m from the previous site on the banks of the Congo River. Clear water with a weak current. Sympatric sp. Phenocogrammus sp. cichlids (in open water), Narylius christyi (young - with Congopanchax under banks).