Collected by Wolfgang Eberl & Wolfgang Grell, August 1991, Cameroon.

CGE 91 / 1 Mvil. Collected 8th August 1991 at about 8.30 am. On reaching the village of Avonbengon (Avobengon) from Djoum a nearby stream called the Otongbibe. A.sp.aff.cameronense Phenotype 3, E.sangmelinensis, Barbs (3 species), small catfish, shrimps & crabs.
CGE 91 / 2 A.exiguum
CGE 91 / 3 Collected about 1km west of Bindom in the Sehnsimi stream which was reported as being very small & crossing the road. Dense undergrowth made fishing hard but large fish were caught. No yellow blotch. A.sp.aff.cameronense Phenotype 3
CGE 91 / 4 Near Zo'orou (Zouatou) 6kms west of Bindom. Stream was about 1 metre wide & 10 cm deep. A.sp.aff.cameronense Phenotype 3, Barb sp.
CGE 91 / 5 Collected on 8th August at about 3.30 pm in the Elik stream, 400 metres north of the village of Alop. Water temperature 22°C, narrow stream about 1 metre wide, extremely shallow & muddy. Dark area. A.sp.aff.cameronense Phenotype 3, A.exiguum, barb sp.
One specimen collected with no yellow blotch & no red pigmentation on body.
CGE 91 / 6 The Evameka stream on the road from Djoum to Bindom. Stream was about 1 metre wide & 20 cm deep, bottom was mud. A.sp.aff.cameronense Phenotype 3 (distributed in captivity), A.exiguum, Barbus sp. jae.
CGE 91 / 7 - Ay (?) A.exiguum, A.batesii
CGE 91 / 8 Collected 9th August 1991. Near the village of Meuban in the Nkoumadjap stream 28·8kms south of Djoum on the road to Ovan. A trail leads into the forest regularly used by villagers. About 400-500 metres down this trail a stream runs from the left. A.cameronense, A.exiguum, A.kunzi
CGE 91 / 9 Collected in the Monovonbo stream near the village of Mébassa (Mébasa) 98·9kms from Djoum on the road to Endengué. Down a trail some distance outside the village in the direction of Oveng. After 600 metres the stream became visible. A.cameronense
CGE 91 / 10 - Ngongolo A.exiguum, A.batesii
CGE 91 / 11 - Ngomedzap Collected on 10th August 1991. A stream called Abéliba'a near Nguém 7kms west of Ngomedzap on the road to Mvengué. From Nguém a trail goes into the forest. After 600-700 metres a stream appears. A.cameronense, A.exiguum
CGE 91 / 12 - Mvilé stream Collected 10th August 1991 in Mvilé stream 200 metres south of the road. Narrow & very shallow with a clear, slightly brownish colour. Base of red/brown mud covered with leaves. A.sp.aff.cameronense Phenotype 2.
CGE 91 / 13 Collected 11th August at about 10 am. Near the village of Ngong Mkak on the Sakbayémé to Kahn road, 6kms east of the bridge over the Sanaga River. This location drained into the Sanaga River. Water temperature 22°C. A.amoenum rare. Also caught were barbs & cichlids. The villagers mentioned that the A.amoenum were there in greater numbers in the rainy season. More red in the body with a smaller yellow blotch.
CGE 91 / 14 - Mbalmayo



CGE 91 / 15 - Djoum A.exiguum
CGE 91 / 16 - Efoulan E.sexfasciatus (sensu largo)
CGE 91 / 17 - Kribi E.grahami, E.sexfasciatus baroi, E.sexfasciatus infrafasciatus
CGE 91 / 18 - Nyangadjo, 5 km south east of Kribi A.splendopleure (sp No.7), E.grahami
CGE 91 / 19 - Nyangadjo, 6·5kms south east of Kribi A.ahli, A.splendopleure (sp No.7)
CGE 91 / 20