CCP 82

Collected by Chauche & Poliak in Cameroon 2nd - 17th December 1982.

CCP 82 / 1 Aphyosemion kekemense. Collected at the village of Kekem.
On December 8th at 17:00, the air temperature is 27°C. Water temperature: 23°5 DH (German) 2°; KH 2°; pH: 6.5; nitrates: 0. Conductivity has not been measured. Water depth about 60 to 70 cm and the bottom is loose and muddy.
14 Fish were caught; among the other inhabitants of this biotope: Cichlids, Siluridae, Tetards, Shrimps and Crabs.
CCP 82 / 2 Aphyosemion bamilekorum. Collected 8 km from Bafoussam in the direction of Mbouda.
Leaving Bafoussam on the road to Mbouda, about 8km, just after the new road leading to the airport, first bridge on the road (concrete bridge). River 4-5 metres wide. Steep banks & difficult to get to the water. The banks suggest very deep water during the rainy season.
On December 9, the air temperature at 17:00. is 22.5°C. Water temperature: 20°; DH: 1°; KH: 2°; PH: 7; Nitrates: 0, conductivity: 42 µ 20.
7 Fish were caught in several places. Other inhabitants: Cyprinidae, catfish, shrimp.
Fish from collection point No. 2 have a black border at the caudal and a darker general hue.
CCP 82 / 3 Aphyosemion bamilekorum. Collected near to Bafoussam.
December 10th, from Bafoussam towards Mbouda, before collecting point No. 2, on the road leading to the airport. Heading towards Ndop 28 kms distant.
At Ndop, fished 'a very small fishable river, easy to access, devoid of trees in cover whose bed is cluttered with rushes and reeds, at the exit of the village. Water flows under the runway through 6 concrete pipes about 50 cm in diameter'. '12 centimeters of water runs on a flat and clean area of about 10m x 2m 50, bordered by a low wall on the side'.
Head towards Bamenda.
December 12th. Headed back to collection point 2 & caught 2 A.bamilekorum.
CCP 82 / 4 Aphyosemion bualanum. Collected 3 km from Ndop in the direction of Jakiri. Water temperature 20.4'C.
'From Bamenda, just after the village of Ndop (about 3 km) on the road to Jakiri; Small stream passing under the track through 6 large cement pipes'. Water, 'crystal clear, very slightly amber. Bottom, hard, small gravel, roots and plant debris'.
Cement bottom with a few cms of water depth flowing over, deeper in places up to 30-40 cms. Open biotope, few trees. Banks have reeds. Elevation 1,000 metres.
Collected male A.bualanum & 1 female. Returned later & collection females from the same place. 24 fish in total, no other fish collected.
Air temperature: 24.2°C; Water temperature: 20.4°C pH: 6.8; DH: 10; KH: 10 nitrates: 0; Conductivity: 40 µs
CCP 82 / 5 Aphyosemion celiae, Epiplatys sexfasciatus, Procatopus similis. 'On the trail from Loum to Kumba, the 1st backwater after the Moungo Stream which drained into the River Moungo. Hard bottom, gravel, no mud. Clear water, very slightly amber. Quite slow current'.
Procatopus similis caught mid current. E.sexfasciatus, Cichlids & then A.celiae in the current. In the evening 8 live Procatopus from 16 collected, 18 Epiplatys, 6 A.celiae and 3 bags of cichlids.
Air temperature: 27° Water temperature: 25°·2 PH: 6.8; DH: 10; KH: 10 nitrates: 0; Conductivity: 39 µs/cm
CCP 82 / 6 Aphyosemion splendopleure. 'On the road to Tiko 19 km from the exit of the bridge over the Wouri and 4.5 km after the junction of Tiko and Nkongsamba roads, 1st bridge with corrugated iron hoops, cutting the road'. Not an easy place to fish, banks a 'jumble of plants'. Water depth 1·5 m. Collected small A.splendopleure after some time. Also collected 'Eletroids, Cichlids, as big as the hand, Barbus, shrimps the size of a bouquet and a Fish resembling Loricaria, hanging on the stones'.
Air temperature: 27.5°C; water: 26.5°C; PH: 5.5; DH: 1; KH: 1; Nitrates: 0; Conductivity: 8µS/cm. 25 fish are kept with the rest released. The A.splendopleure were given the population name Yato.
CCP 82 / 7 Aphyosemion loennbergi, Epiplatys sexfasciatus. '22 km after Edéa on the road to Yaoundé, we take on the right a small track towards Makondo'. 'Clear water, shallow (0.25 m), hard bottom (gravel, sand and some rocks emerging in the bed of the stream)'. Air temperature: 27°C; water: 26°C; pH: 6.5; DH: 1; KH 1; Nitrates: 0 Conductivity: 21 µs/cm. Also colected Procatopus, Epiplatys & Cyprinidae.
CCP 82 / 8 Aphyosemion riggenbachi, Epiplatys sexfasciatus, Procatopus sp. 'On the Edéa-Douala road, in the village of Kopongo, we took on the right the track to Ngambé'. 'Finally, just in front of a hut, we decide to prospect a stream in gallery, clear water, shallow generally crowded with rocks covered with Anubias'. Collected 1 male A.riggenbachi, a female & some young fish, E.sexfasciatus & Procatopus.
CCP 82 / 9 Aphyosemion loennbergi / splendopleure, Epiplatys sexfasciatus. 'On the Edéa-Kribi track about 15 km from Edéa, small bridge, the access path to the backwater is located a little further, it leads to a kind of small sandy beach'. Bottom, sand, gravel & large rocks with clear & flowing water. Collected 4-5 Chromaphyosemion & Epiplatys.
Air temperature: 27°C; water: 26°C; PH:6; DH: 1°; KH: 1°; Nitrates: 0; Conductivity: 13 µS/cm.
Location calld Koukoue (nearest vilage).

References: KCF Killie-Revue 6 / 1983 & website online article.
This article was written in 1982/3 & these A.bualanum populations have since been placed in A.elberti.

The DKG website gives a collection of A.celiae described as - Tombel, near Mungo river, West Loum. No number given