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CBL 99

Collected by Olivier Buisson, KCF in 1999.
My thanks to Olivier for help & permission in putting this information in the website.
This code has been called 'CB 99' in the original description of A.lividum.

CBL 99 / 1 - Mangoum Aphyosemion elberti. This biotope was located several kms north of Bafoussam near the entry to the village of Mangoum. A stream formed a pool before running under the road. The water was clear, pH 6, DH 0. In the upper part of the pool there was a lot of vegetation. The pool is located in an open plain landscape. Sympatric sp. included a 7cm Clarius. There were also lots of aquatic insects & dragon fly larvae.
CBL 99 / 2 - Bamougoum A.elberti & A.bamilekorum. The village of Bamougoum is situated on the northern limit of Bafoussam on the Bamenda road, several kms away from the crossing for Dschang. Both sides of the road were cultivated having Banana, pine apple & vegetables.
An irrigation stream runs under the road which feeds a larger river. Upstream from the road overhanging grasses abound. Sympatric sp. included Clarius sp., Barbus sp., a 7cm Phractura catfish & soft water crab.
In the A.bamilekorum the caudal is trilobate
CBL 99 / 3 - N'doungue A.celiae. This was a dull coloured sp. with a black border on the caudal fin.
N'doungue is a small village near N'kongsamba. A small river runs through cultivated land & became swamp near the river. In these swamps a schoal of 10cm cichlid sp was found (Hemichromis elongatus or H. fasciatus). The killies were collected in a small stream which fed the swamp. In this stream a Chromidotilapia sp. was caught. This stream is about 50 cm large and only 5 cm deep & runs over mud through large ferns.
CBL 99 / 4 - Limbe Situated near the coast near a place called 'Mile 11'. The beaches here are made up with black sand. The collectors stayed at a hotel here which had a lake containing soft, cold water & measured 20 metres long & 2 metres deep. The pool was a source for a stream which led to the sea. Many aquatic plants were found including:- Ceratophyllum, Bolbitis heudelotii, Nymphea lotus (red spotted green form), flowered Crinum natans, and a moss looking like Java moss.
During the day they observed shoals of " mulets ", green Hemichromis, sometimes protecting their fry.
At night, we find lots of Epiplatys infrafasciatus rathkei , an Eleotrid 12cm long, and shrimps of the Genus Macrobrachium.
CBL 99 / 5 - M'banga A.raddai, E.esekanus. Situated near an ancient crossing of the Yaounde - Douala - Eseka roads. A stream runs along the crossing point which feeds the Kelle River. The nearest village is M'banga. The stream is shaded by dense forest. Flowering Anubias grow on stones & only the roots are below water. Pools are formed which are full of dead leaves & wood. These pools can measure 2 metres across & less than 20 cm deep.The water is clear and brown.
Sympatric sp. include 8 cm long Barbus sp., Chromidotilapia batesii. It was noted that Barbus jae could not be found.
CBL 99 / 6 - Kribi Epiplatys infrafasciatus & Aphyosemion ahli. The collectors walked along the beach to the Lobe Falls & found lots of Periophtalmus papilio. A stream flowing through brackish water swamp land. The stream passed near under a wooden bridge near the Manapani hotel. Behind the houses of the Ebome village, there is a marigot with lots of swampy plants including Anubias. It is very dark & the ground is covered with leaves. The water was soft & acid. Sympatric sp. also included Eleotrid.


KCF Journal February 2000