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Bates G.L. 1932

A small collecting trip in February 1932. Fish were caught by natives - mostly women.
I recommend visiting the Roloffia Homepage for details of this collection.

Sandaru (Kono drainage (Kailahun d.) Arch. guineense, Epiplatys f. josinae ? 8°24' N; 10°43' W
Meli River (Kono drainage) Arch. guineense, Poropanchax normani ?
Bagbwe River (Bagbe R. ?) (Koin. drainage) Arch. guineense
Headwaters of Bagbwe River (Koin.drainage) no Killies 9°13' N; 10°41' W
Kankordu (Kainkordu ?) (Kono drainage) no Killies 8°37' N; 10°44' W