BKA Cameroon Imports (1970)

The BKA setup imports from Cameroon in 1970. These were distributed to members in the breeder project of the time.

August 8th 1970 This was the first shipment. Species received were A.bivittatum, Fp.cinnamomeus, E.sexfasciatus, E.bifasciatus & Procatopus glaucicaudis (now similis). Many fish arrived dead or were lost shortly thereafter.
August 29th 1970 A.bualanum (elberti), A.ahli, E.bifasciatus, Fp.gardneri. Also received were coded sp. K1, K2 & K3. This shipment arrived in poor condition & despite various treatments did not survive. They were reportedly not distributed.
K1 & K2 (A.celiae), K3 Fp.mirabilis traudeae ). See also 'K' codes.