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12th August 2004

Congo import which is considered a rare occurrence given local political concerns. Six bags imported in one box.

High casulalties which is normal. Few survived but we have the best of the shipment.
We are working on Adamas formosus, Aphyoplatys duboisi, A.cognatum, A.sp.labarrei, E.spilargyreus,
These are first off rough shots.....

Aphyoplatys duboisi. Only one male found.

Possible Adamas formosus female.

Adamas formosus male.

Adamas formosus from above showing typical white spot of the species.

A.sp.labarrei male. This is a new one on us. We tentatively put it as a labarrei form but we have not seen this pattern before. This sp. inhabits the lower Congo region.

A.sp.labarrei female.


E.chevalieri male.

E.chevalieri females.



A.cognatum pair.