First Stages.....Building the panels.

This fish house was built some years ago & was probably the 4th one I built. Although I have since built a few more & built a retail fish store
this one is probably the best recorded in photographs.

Building a fish house is easy - making mistakes is easy also. Sit down & plan it all out before you start. It's easier to change a plan on paper than change a building.
What fish are you intending to breed? What size tanks? Have you allowed for water, gas, electric, light (fish need plants - plants need light) in the construction?
Frames are constructed with 3 x 2". This gives a 4" Polystyrene wall. These are clad with shiplap which lasts for years if properly & regularly treated.
Total size of this project is 6 x 3 metres.

First frame of the back wall, treated with Cuprinol. This is safe with polystyrene. Creosote melts this material.

If you treated the inside of the panels with creosote it would melt the polystyrene. Cuprinol is water based.

Finished back panel fully treated. The bottom piece of shiplap should overlap the frame to allow the water the run off.

More of the frame sections.