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Collected by Heinemann, Lenz, Berger, Wardega & Holler at the end of 1978/ beginning 1979.

K1 Collected 31st December 1978. Near Nko'ovos II, 24kms before Ebolowa towards Sangmelima. A stream containing A.cameronense as the only killifish.
K6 Collected 6th January 1979. Between Zvébefam & Meyos, 33kms from Sangmelima towards Ebolowa. Two parallel roads exist but the collectors probably took the southern road.
K9 A stream on the Route Ancienne from Yaoundé in the direction of Eséka (& Edéa). Location is recorded as being 46kms west of Yaoundé between Ngoulémakong & Matomb. Barbs & catfish also collected here.

Another code 'K' can be found collected by Vlaming in 1971. Only K4 can be found which was A.wildekampi.

Another code 'K' was used by Radda & Pürzl in 1975 but this is generally seen as G 75...

BKA codes K1 - K3

A 'K' code exists from commercial collections by Koubel 1998-2001

Other 'K' codes used in collections from Kenya, Tanzania, Colombia & Sardinia