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K - Koubek

Collected by Koubek. Commercial collector from Gabon & into Congo. He collected between 1998 - 2001.
Little information is given by the collector. I list the data I have here as some fish have been distributed through South Africa into the hobby.

K98 Aphyosemion bochtleri (herzogi)
K98 Aphyosemion cameronense - Yellow caudal fin
K98 Aphyosemion cameronense - Yellow spot on tail
K98 Aphyosemion maculatum - Yellow fins
K98 Diapteron georgiae
K99 Aphyosemion batesii - Type locality ?
K99 Aphyosemion cameronense - Route Forest
K99 Aphyosemion cameronense - North West Congo (near border with Gabon)
K99 Aphyosemion herzogi - Red
K99 Diapteron cyanostictum
K99 Diapteron fulgens - Type locality ?
K00 Aphyosemion lamberti - Abouni, Congo border
K00 Aphyosemion maculatum - Type locality ?
K00 Aphyosemion pyrophore - Yellow caudal
K00 Aphyosemion rectogoense - Type locality ?
K00 Diapteron georgiae - Light blue
K01 Aphyosemion batesii
K01 Aphyosemion cameronense
K01 Aphyosemion punctatum
K01 Aphyosemion punctatum - Type locality ?
K01 Diapteron cyanostictum
K01 Diapteron georgiae
  Koubeck also collected Diapteron seegersi but doubtful these came into the hobby as he wanted $1,000 for them.

Another code 'K' can be found collected by Vlaming in 1971. Only K4 can be found which was A.wildekampi.

Another code 'K' was used by Radda & Pürzl in 1975.

BKA codes K1 - K3

A 'K' code exists from commercial collections by Koubel 1998-2001

Other 'K' codes used in collections from Kenya, Tanzania, Colombia & Sardinia